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Experience the difference

At Plante Moran, we pride ourselves on offering the best experience for our clients and our staff, striving to make each year better than the last. Throughout the year, we engage an independent company to survey our clients, measure their satisfaction, and assess how we rank when compared to other companies who’ve built their reputations on outstanding client service. We’re happy to report unparalleled client satisfaction and client loyalty scores this year.

If your current service provider isn’t working this hard for you, contact us today. We’d love to talk with you about our service approach and how you can experience the Plante Moran difference. 

Plante Moran’s client satisfaction survey is performed by an independent firm that utilizes the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) methodology to compare our composite client satisfaction score against a diverse group of companies. The ACSI comparative scores utilize the same questions and methodology that are used to determine Plante Moran’s client satisfaction score.

Client service with your needs first
When clients engage Plante Moran as their advisor, they say they can feel the difference almost immediately. Whether it’s an innovative approach to problem-solving, our collaborative culture, or solutions borne out of deep industry expertise, our clients benefit from an attentive advisor who brings a caring approach to each engagement.

Here are a few considerations that we believe make Plante Moran different and help ensure that we provide responsive service to our clients:

  1. Low staff turnover — With turnover at 13.1 percent in 2016 (compared to a 17.2 percent industry average), we can provide better staff continuity. This ensures our teams are organized, prepared, and not slowed down by on-the-job learning.
  2. Senior-level involvement — Our high degree of partner and senior manager-level involvement brings more experience to each engagement. This improves the quality and effectiveness of our interactions with your internal accounting staff and executive management.
  3. Flexibility and experience — Our deep experience in working with clients of all sizes and ownership structures allows us to acclimate to your organizational environment quickly. 
  4. Communication — We believe that communication is the key to a successful relationship. Regular communication avoids surprises, keeps projects on track, and promotes a healthy relationship.
  5. Commitment — We listen upfront to what you need and we deliver, on time.