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You can benefit from our 65 years of experience serving governments


Support for government leaders in challenging times

If you are a local or state government leader who is trying to redefine the role your organization can play in this era of austerity, you are probably tired of hearing that the situation calls for strong leadership, political bravery, and courage. Instead you would like to hear from advisors who can help you make the tough choices, improve effectiveness, and contain costs.

Plante Moran’s government team can help you with experience, knowledge, and perspectives from the front line. Team members have a deep understanding of the fundamental operations of government units and are accustomed to serving state governments, counties, cities, villages, and townships, as well as special purpose entities such as land banks, courts, pension funds, and authorities.
You can benefit from our team’s insights and its range of skills when you begin redesigning the way your organization delivers services. The team includes accountants, architects, engineers, IT experts, employee benefits specialists, investment advisors, and management consultants. This multidisciplinary team offers you a holistic approach to the challenges you face in redefining the role your organization can afford to play in the future lives of its constituents.

Better services for less money

You can depend on our team to analyze your service delivery model. Team members can also assist with retirement system design, benefit packages, labor negotiations, and the like. Our consultants can improve the productivity of your staff and the efficiency of your operations. They can help you investigate opportunities to share services and explore outsourcing. Technology consultants can make sure you get the value you deserve from your software and maximize the effectiveness of your systems. You can use your decreasing revenue as a catalyst for change — a change that can mean comparable or even better services for less money.

Transparency can help you explain your case

As you begin developing a blueprint for the future, you can depend on the auditors on the team for the accurate, timely information you need to plot successful strategies. They are accustomed to working on financial statements with budgets ranging from thousands to billions of dollars. Plus you can rely on them to translate their findings into understandable language allowing you to use the information more effectively for decision making. They can explain the changes to your constituents in an independent, fact-based way whether you are adjusting fees or negotiating union contracts.

In addition, the government team has specialists in single audits (A-133), so that you can provide the necessary accountability for your federal grants. Grants now come with an unprecedented demand for transparency and require reporting an unparalleled amount of data. Our single audit team ranks second in the nation for the number of A-133 audits performed and the team leader sits on the executive board of the AICPA Government Audit Quality Center.

Customized, practical solutions

Plante Moran serves more than 1,300 public sector clients, including 500 governmental organizations. We have a wealth of hands-on knowledge to help map out your way forward in these post-recession years. We can support you in your quest to be the brave leader that your community needs.

5-Year Financial Model

The financial model will help reduce the uncertainty associated with financial decisions by providing a comprehensive picture of your finances and the effects of your decisions across the board.

A-133 Single Audit

Given the widespread distribution of the stimulus funds, more and more governments are finding themselves in a position where an A-133 single audit is required. And, if ARRA funds are involved, there is an unprecedented demand for accountability and transparency requiring an unparalleled amount of data.

Employee Benefits Consulting

To manage employee benefit costs, you can turn with confidence to the employee benefit consultants at Plante Moran and its wholly owned subsidiary, Plante Moran Group Benefit Advisors LLC (PMGBA). You will benefit from their combined experience serving governmental units and their comprehensive knowledge of the employee health benefits industry.

Government Financial Statement Audits

In these challenging times you will appreciate the experience of our government auditing team. Their financial statement audit reports will provide you the accurate and timely information you need to respond to the realities of the New Normal. And they will help you read between the lines to find opportunities to cut costs and institute efficiencies.

Government Management Consulting Services

Local government leaders are asking more frequently how they can share services with neighboring communities to increase efficiency and save money. But how to begin? If you are asking that question, Plante Moran's management consulting services can help with answers. We have experience evaluating collaborative arrangements between cities and counties, including police, fire, dispatch, public works, economic development, and a host of other areas. We are helping many clients through strategic management consulting to expand their collaborations beyond the traditional large-capital projects.

Accounting Outsourcing and Financial Services for Governments

In these challenging times, government leaders appreciate the flexibility and range of services offered by the Plante Moran Government Accounting Professionals (PMGAP). Members of the team are well versed in the issues you are facing and will collaborate to bring fresh ideas to tackle your specific issues. They can provide you with a finance director or an accounting staff on an interim or a full-time basis.

Real Estate & Economic Development Services

To support your economic development issues, our real estate advisory services can draw on our experience helping businesses as site selection consultants. We can assess your community and help you decide the kinds of businesses you might attract. We can also help you decide on incentives to increase your position in a competitive market.

Technology Consulting

When you are being asked to invest millions of dollars in taxpayer funds on technology, you will appreciate why public officials call on Plante Moran technology consultants for experienced, expert, technology assessments and independent advice.

Utility Rate Structure

Because collection, treatment, storage, and distribution of water are essential to every community, it is important that the provider of these services establish fee structures that will provide adequate revenue and cash flow to sustain dependable, quality service.

​"After three finance directors in 18 months, our records were in disarray and we didn’t have the information we needed to make decisions. Plante Moran’s government accounting professionals (PMGAP) got our records up to date and helped us balance our annual budget through some very difficult times. I strongly suggest anyone in our situation think about this alternative.”

Ed Klobucher
City Manager, Hazel Park