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Financial Statement Audit
Plante Moran’s goes beyond routine, historical, compliance activity. That means that the professionals conducting your financial statement audit will be aware of the challenges facing the automotive industry and its changing business risks.

Automotive Industry Financial Statement Audits

Financial statement audits go beyond routine compliance
When Plante Moran audits your automotive organization’s financial statement, you benefit from our reputation for thoroughness and professionalism as well as our focus on client service.

You’ll also appreciate that Plante Moran automotive industry professionals approach your financial statement audit as more than a routine, historical, compliance activity. They take the time to fully understand your organization. That means that the professionals that conduct your financial statement audit will be aware of the challenges facing the auto industry and its changing business risks. But they also to listen to you specific concerns because they understand every organization is unique.

Opportunities to save
Our audit professionals will understand taxes and key indicators on your financial statement. They will be able to benchmark your operation against others in the industry and suggest opportunities for efficiencies and savings. For instance, during a recent audit, our team suggested restructuring to save the company $500,000. For a metal stamper, the audit team identified $400,000 in property tax savings. In other words, our auditors go beyond the numbers to recommend opportunities for cost savings.

They also suggest ways to improve controls to ensure the quality of the information your accounting system generates and that you depend on to make important day-to-day decisions. And they will help you interpret the financial information, which is so important as you develop plans for the future.

You will enjoy working with us
We have years of experience preparing financial statement audits across a multitude of industries. Also, many organizations and publications have honored Plante Moran as a best place to work. That is because of a culture that develops staff and puts clients first. We combine experience with talent and a hard-working culture to deliver results.

Our culture translates into very low turnover, so you’ll see many of the same faces year after year. Our culture promotes collaboration; this means our audit and tax teams work together seamlessly to deliver the solutions you need to make the best decisions for your business. Finally, our culture attracts passionate staff that enjoy their work and helping franchisors and multi-unit businesses succeed. We can confidently say that you’ll enjoy working with our financial statement auditing team.

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Plante Moran recruits the coolest bunch of CPAs — they are professional and smart. They won our trust with their audit and tax work. Now they advise us on a range of issues from our 401(k) plan to our operations in Mexico. Switching to Plante Moran is the best darn decision we’ve ever made.

Jon-Erik Burleson, President
KTM North America, Inc.