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Strategic Business Planning
Our strategic business planning services assist automotive suppliers in five different areas: enterprise strategic planning, market attractiveness analysis, strategic due diligence, competitor intelligence, and board of advisors (directors) representation.

Strategic Business Planning

Strategic planning consulting to give your organization a competitive advantage

Our automotive strategy consulting services team could be the partner you are looking for to help you develop a plan to survive and thrive in the tumultuous automotive industry. Our team of strategy consultants has experience with more than 75 auto suppliers, partnering with them to cope with the challenges of managing in a world with significant excess industry capacity.

Plante Moran provides strategic business planning services for automotive suppliers in five different styles of projects: 

  • Enterprise strategic planning 
  • Market attractiveness analysis 
  • Strategic due diligence 
  • Competitor intelligence 
  • Board of advisors (directors) representation

Enterprise strategic planning: This project style takes six to 12 weeks to complete. During that time our strategy planning consultants work with a team of six to 15 people from your organization in three to six day-long sessions using the Porter five forces analysis approach to analyze data collected by your staff.

Deliverables will include your present business model, a future business model, strategies to get from where you are to where you want to be, and a process for plotting your progress.

Market attractiveness analysis: This strategic business planning project style takes six to 10 weeks to complete depending on the number of market segments you want to analyze. In this approach, our strategy consultants will contact OEMs, tier suppliers, industry experts, and insiders on topics that include technology trends, required competencies, market trends, market size, customers, sourcing strategies, customer expectations, buying sensitivity, and other threats.

They will corroborate the interviews, document the findings, and report to your management to discuss their conclusions and recommendations.

Strategic due diligence: This project style takes two to four weeks to complete. During the strategic due diligence process our strategy consultants will develop a target description and an acquisition rationale. These will cover topics like performance with customers; market structure; technology disruption and customer expectations; source of sustainable competitive advantage; competitors and their positions; essential post acquisition integration activities; and acquisition risks.

At the conclusion of the due diligence process, you will have an objective assessment of the strategic positioning of the acquisition target and an objective assessment of the synergy potential.

Competitor intelligence: This project takes one to eight weeks depending on how many competitors you want to target. Our strategic planning consulting team will compile data from multiple sources and Plante Moran’s extensive automotive industry network to develop competitor profiles. They will review the profiles with you and you can use them as the basis for data-based decision making.

Board of advisors: This project means our strategic business planning team will meet with a board of outside advisors that your organization puts together to help you recognize and solve problems, as well as exploit opportunities to gain a competitive edge.

The strategy consultants will meet with the board two to four times a year for five to eight hour-long meetings. The goal is to provide you with fresh ideas.

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Plante Moran recruits the coolest bunch of CPAs — they are professional and smart. They won our trust with their audit and tax work. Now they advise us on a range of issues from our 401(k) plan to our operations in Mexico. Switching to Plante Moran is the best darn decision we’ve ever made.

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