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Human Resource Effectiveness
Our talent management team can help you retain the quality people you have and hire the right people to fill open positions from the front line to the executive office. You will appreciate their proven assessment processes and the tools they use to ensure reliable results.

Human Resource Effectiveness

Meet your goals by leveraging your most important asset — people

Bank patrons constantly demand more and better services. How well you respond to the demands depends on having the right employees in the right positions. You are probably thinking, yes, but it’s not all that easy. 

Our personnel assessment specialists can help with:

  • CSR/teller retention
  • Employee selection
  • Leadership development
  • Increased sales
  • Improving HR performance
  • Succession planning
  • Employee satisfaction and morale
  • Leading change

Building on a winning culture

We can help you. Our leadership, organization development, and personnel assessment team has more than 50 years of experience helping clients find and develop the right people for their organizations. Plus, we know your industry because Plante & Moran serves more than 250 financial institutions.

As a firm, we have always considered our staff our most valuable resource, and we have developed a culture that encourages their growth and focuses them on the firm’s number one goal: the success of our clients.

Fifty years ago, we began sharing our processes and leadership development procedures for talent management with our clients. We have a practice group that only focuses on personnel assessments and an organization development group that helps banking organizations find and train employees who can help them grow.

The following is an example of a recent project involving our personnel assessment services that we completed for a financial institution. 

Keeping the friendly, capable person at the counter

The frustrated CEO of a financial institution called our personnel assessment team to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the organization’s human resources department. Seemingly qualified new hires were quickly failing to meet expectations and leaving. The revolving door situation was bad for client service and was costly for the organization. The cost of replacing an employee can be as high as 150 percent of the departing employee’s pay.

Our leadership development and personnel assessment specialists began by identifying the characteristics that lead to successful performance in specific customer service and teller roles. Building on that information, our personnel assessment specialists developed a profile of the right kind of person for the job and how to identify them in the selection process. 

How is it working?

According to members of the human resources department at the bank, when they are rushed and decide to go against the recommendation, there is a low level of satisfaction for the bank and the employee often leaves. When they hire according to the profile, there is a high satisfaction level for the bank and employee.

Plante Moran can help your financial institution meet its goals by leveraging your most important asset — people.

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“When we have an issue that SOX won't allow our external auditors to address, we turn to Plante & Moran. They’ve provided us a wealth of information relative to accounting matters, internal audit, regulatory compliance, loan review, and IT issues. They combine their technical expertise and experience in the banking industry to help us meet many of the challenges in today’s tough economic environment. It seems they are as focused on our bottom line as we are.”

Mark Secor, Chief Financial Officer
Horizon Bank