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In this era of increasing regulations and constantly changing customer demands, you can depend on our banking team that includes specialists in compliance, technology, tax planning, and risk management, as well as auditors who can ensure you have quality information for decision making.


CPAs, risk management consultants, and IT security experts providing customized services for financial institutions

We currently serve more than 250 financial institutions ranging in size from start-up organizations to those with several billion in assets, many of which are SEC regulated.

To provide them the best service possible, we monitor regulations, legislation, economic conditions, and trends that impact the industry.

We will apply the knowledge we have gained working with other organizations to our engagement with you. At the same time, we will give you individualized attention and offer customized solutions to your unique situation.

Exceptional problem solving

Our team of specialists dedicated to serving financial institutions includes CPAs, technology experts, risk management professionals, regulatory compliance specialists, management consultants, fraud examiners, former bankers, and an experienced real estate advisory team.

Our culture fosters collaboration so they will combine their industry knowledge and special skills to offer you exceptional thinking and problem solving. Another benefit of our culture is our high staff retention rate which can translate into staffing continuity for you. And because we know the importance of communication, we provide a primary contact individual to coordinate all services.

Menu of services especially developed for financial institutions

To better serve our clients, we have developed a menu of services designed especially for banks. They include:
  • Financial statement audits
  • Tax planning & strategies
  • Internal audit services
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Loan review
  • IT security assurance
  • Operations consulting & improvement
  • Employee benefit consulting
We can help you anticipate challenges, take advantage of opportunities, improve your operations, and succeed in the future. Since our formation in 1927, we have followed the founding partners' philosophy of putting client success first. When you enter into a relationship with us, you will see and feel an immediate difference.

Financial Statement Audit

When you engage a Plante Moran team for a bank financial statement audit, you can expect more than compliance because we know the banking industry and understand the risks and opportunities you face. Therefore, you can depend on us to provide meaningful recommendations for efficiency and control improvements as part of our financial statement audit reports.

Internal Audit

Our general approach will be to help you develop an internal audit process that manages your risk while making sure that your processes and procedures comply with regulatory demands, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Tax Consulting

You will appreciate our tax consulting services and working with our team of tax consultants who fully understand the tax laws and regulations and how they affect banks.

Information Security Services

Technology has been a boon for financial institutions, but it comes with challenges. One of those challenges is mitigating the risk of fraud and protecting the financial assets of customers in the custody of the bank.

Loan Review

Our loan review audit process begins by evaluating your organization’s lending policies, procedures, and quality control activities.

Regulatory Compliance

You can depend on our regulatory compliance experts to help you customize and streamline your risk management efforts to fit your bank’s unique situation.

Operations Improvement

Plante Moran operations improvement consultants can survey opinions and mine data, then help develop and implement a plan that will help you win market share, satisfy employees, and improve your profits.

Trust Audit Services

As part of the required annual trust audit, we can work with your audit committee to make sure you have the documentation you need to prove you have met your fiduciary responsibilities.

Commercial Real Estate Advisors

Projects for financial institutions carry a unique and complicated set of objectives and challenges. Whether it’s a corporate headquarters or a branch location, our real estate advisors have the comprehensive expertise necessary to help you manage the entire project.

Human Resource Effectiveness

Bank patrons constantly demand more and better services. How well you respond to the demands depends on having the right employees in the right positions.

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“The professionals at Plante & Moran have been invaluable partners through a very difficult time in the banking business. Because of their resources and expertise they were able to provide helpful guidance and timely support.”

Scott Yelvington, President and CEO
Northern States Financial Corporation