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Financial Statement Audit
When Plante Moran does your audit, you get more than compliance because our professionals know the business services industry and understand the risks and opportunities you face. They will compare your numbers to those of your peers and help put your expenditures, staffing, and operations into perspective.

Financial Statement Audit

Our financial statement auditors help business services providers find opportunities for saving

When was the last time an auditor helped you save money? During a recent financial statement audit, we helped a management consulting company restructure to save $500,000. For a wireless phone company, our audit team discovered an opportunity to save $30,000. And for a research testing lab, we suggested a cost segregation study that resulted in a $75,000 savings in the first year.

You can expect more than compliance when you engage a Plante Moran auditing team because we know the business services industry and understand taxes and key indicators on your financial statement.

We won’t have to waste your time asking a lot of general questions, because of our experience with 1,500 clients who provide services to other businesses. But we will ask questions about your unique situation so our financial statement auditing experts can help you find opportunities to leverage every opportunity for savings — from tax credits to real estate decisions.

You will enjoy working with our financial statement audit team

We can confidently say you will enjoy working with our auditing team. Plante Moran has been named as a top place to work by many organizations and publications. That is because the firm’s culture is based on the firm’s philosophy of nurturing staff and putting the client first.

You also benefit from the collaboration the culture fosters. For instance, we understand that every decision has tax and audit implications so our tax and audit teams work together. They deliver seamless service and help you make the best decisions for your business.

Low staff turnover is another feature of our culture that will benefit you. It means you will see many of the same team members year after year. The partner and the senior manager on the team will be available to discuss issues as they arise and to offer possible solutions.

We will look at your issues from all angles. We will accommodate your concerns in creative ways, while ensuring you remain in compliance.

We invite you to experience the difference when you engage Plante Moran to do your financial statement audit.

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