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Telecommunications Service Review
Our telecommunication consultants will help you optimize existing networks and reduce future costs. We can also help you negotiate competitive rates and tariffs and ensure your vendors are integrating your telecom strategy with your overall business strategy.

Telecommunications Service Review

Reviewing your networks and service plans could save you 20 percent on communications

If you are looking for ways to save money and strengthen your bottom line, a telecommunications service review could be the money-saving opportunity your are looking for. Our results vary from client to client, but often we can help you achieve a 20 percent savings without compromising service.

For instance it is not unusual to find that 10 percent of telecom service expenses are charged in error. As part of our telecommunications service review and consulting process we are able to recover past overpayments. We’ll also drill deep into your billing and call data to uncover immediate savings. Many times our clients see savings between 15 and 20 percent without switching carriers.

“Phone bills and systems can be very confusing. When you talk to the phone company, you can never be sure if they have your best interest in mind. Plante Moran helped us cut through the red tape, understand the technical jargon, and how our system operates. We were able to achieve immediate savings by implementing their recommendations. In addition, we have greater knowledge to help us implement strategic planning, enhance service, and cut costs as our phone system evolves in the future.”

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Our telecommunications consultants can help you tighten your telecom budget

Our telecommunication consultants will also help you optimize existing networks and reduce future costs. As part of the telecommunications service review, we will analyze your network for optimum performance and lowest cost. If you think you need a costly network upgrade, think again. Often, a reconfiguration of the network can help you get the most of your current system and make an upgrade unnecessary. But if you do need an upgrade, we can design a low-cost solution that meets your needs and allows for future growth.

Help negotiating the lowest possible rates

You will also benefit from our experience negotiating for communication services. We can help you negotiate competitive rates and tariffs. Our telecommunication consultant team has negotiated hundreds of contracts and can get you the favorable terms, including tightening service level agreements to your advantage. We’ll help make sure your vendors are integrating your telecom strategy with your overall business strategy.

Proven cost reduction strategies

A telecommunications service review will cover your current usage and future needs. It will help identify:

  • improper long distance selection
  • underutilized or unnecessary circuits
  • services you are being billed for but don’t use
  • rates that can be optimized

The telecommunications consultants at Plante Moran can help you save on your telecom costs. Just another way we help our clients thrive.

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