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Operations Improvement
Increased sales do not necessarily translate into increased profitability. Profitable dealerships balance opportunities with necessary investments. Our consultants can use benchmarks to help you determine the path that can strengthen your balance sheet and increase net worth.

Operations and Process Improvement

Ways for dealerships to improve their bottom lines

Our operations improvement consultants can help you identify areas where you can improve your dealership’s bottom line. Once identified, our consultants who have years of experience working with dealerships can recommend practical strategies that will help you reach your performance goals. The reviews they conduct and the strategies they recommend typically pay for themselves many times over.

A complete list of services includes: 

  • Budgeting, automotive forecasting, and benchmarking assistance 
  • Auto warranty, sales incentives, and system reviews 
  • Back-end profit reviews 
  • Acquisition analysis 
  • Profit enhancement programs 
  • Internal control reviews 
  • Information technology and telecommunications


Budgeting, forecasting, and benchmarking

One proven way to ensure success for your dealership is to set goals and profitability levels. Our industry experts employ proven analytical tools, starting with benchmarking auto sales, to guide and assist you and your staff in this task. The tools, including automotive forecasting and benchmark services, will help you determine the current levels of your operations and where they need to be in order to achieve dealership goals, as well as their own personal goals. Every department in the dealership can contribute to maintaining dealership net profits. 

Warranty reimbursement and sales review

Our industry specialists have extensive experience in numerous audits of dealerships by the manufacturer. Upon notice of being selected to audit, our specialists have helped dealerships prepare for the audit and deal with the audit findings.

Similarly, we conduct sales incentives and system reviews of your current sales files, making sure you have complete and accurate information – including tax compliance and compliance with federal, state, and manufacturer’s policies and procedures.

Our industry experts can also provide auto warranty reviews that ensure you are correctly reimbursed for the warranty work your dealership provides. For many dealerships, incomplete or unsatisfactory paperwork can cost them six figures in reimbursement payments.

When Plante Moran industry experts conduct an auto warranty review, they compare your current warranty practices against the manufacturer’s prescribed warranty compliance manual. Based upon the paperwork presented, they will tell you how much the manufacturer would refuse to pay. Fees for the audit are substantially less than the charge-back exposure they uncover. In addition, you will receive recommendations to align your practices with manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Internal control review

Fraud happens, quite simply, because it can. The detection and prevention of fraud can best be achieved by having an adequate accounting system in place with appropriate internal control features. If you’re not certain that your internal controls are working, our internal control consultants can conduct an internal control review. Think of it as a tune-up to make sure that your dealership is operating as productively and efficiently as possible. Strong internal controls also help safeguard the assets of your dealership. That’s why, when auditing internal controls, we will not only show you how to improve your existing controls, but also help you to develop new ones wherever necessary.