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Dealership Profitability Financial Metrics and Analysis

This profitability improvement work aid was designed by Plante & Moran’s auto dealership industry consultants to be used as a handy reference guide by dealers and their management teams. The work aid serves as a refresher on typical dealership cost structures and provides valuable insights with respect to the following topics:

-- Gross/Employee Productivity Metrics
-- Compensation Problem Analysis
-- Advertising Expense Problem Analysis
-- Floor Plan Interest Expense Problem Analysis
-- Getting a Handle on Dealership Expenses
-- Walking to Improved Profits
-- Coping with Management Lethargy
-- Expectations of Effective Pay Plans
-- Dangers When Changing
-- Pay Plans Pay Plan Golden Rules

At Plante & Moran, we strive to assist our clients in being vigilant in the protection of their dealership net profits and return on investment.  While the contents of this work aid are not revolutionary in nature, they serve as a good reminder to any reader of the “basics” involved in making money in the
“car business”.  

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