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Oil & Gas
Plante Moran’s oil and gas team specializes in advising clients on the complex regulatory and reporting requirements unique to the industry. We stay on top of the important trends and issues and can help you with the complicated tax structures and changing investment strategies in this volatile market.

Oil & Gas

You can depend on Plante Moran to be aware of the issues and trends in oil and gas

The regulatory and reporting requirements for the oil and gas industry are particularly complex. The stakeholder structure is complicated and the industry often sees grand shifts in supply and demand, all confounded by politics.
So when you are looking for a business advisor, it is important that you seek counsel from a team of professionals who are aware of trends in the industry and are thoroughly trained in oil and gas tax issues and accounting treatments.

Aware of industry trends and regulatory issues

At Plante Moran we have an oil and gas team that stays abreast of changes in the geopolitical, environmental, and trading environments important to the industry. They also are well versed in industry-specific matters like oil and gas reserves accounting, impairments, transactions, revenue recognition, intangible assets, and suspended wells.
They understand that you often have to make decisions on big upfront investments like a drilling rig or well equipment with little certainty about the long-term outcomes.

Multidisciplinary team brings range of experience and expertise

It is times like these when you will especially appreciate the experience and expertise of our oil and gas team. The team has experience serving more than 350 clients in the energy industry. Team members include tax specialists who can help with federal, state, and local tax planning and compliance, as well as help you explore incentives and tax credits like those for domestic production activities and enhanced oil recovery.

You can rely on the auditors on our oil and gas team to validate the controls you have in place to mitigate financial reporting risks. And the regulatory and compliance consultants can help ensure that you have the reporting data available to communicate appropriately with investor groups, project developers, private equity groups, tax equity investors, bonding companies, banks, and attorneys.


The comprehensive menu of services offered by the Plante Moran team also includes global services, operational restructuring, operations improvement, corporate financing, and litigation support services.

You can depend on us as universal advisors


For oil and gas companies, the economic downturn has highlighted the importance of being able to attract investors, obtain and maintain financing, and address regulatory changes. You can depend on Plante Moran to be your universal advisor and to help you prosper as you navigate the ever-changing and volatile energy markets.