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Financial Statement Audit
You can depend on our auditors to go beyond the numbers in a renewable energy audit. We match industry knowledge with specific insights about your organization to help you prioritize information, clarify and weigh your options, and anticipate future challenges.

Renewable Energy Financial Statement Audits

Financial statement audits that ensure the quality of your financial information and identify ways to save money

When Plante Moran audits your organization’s financial statement, you benefit from our reputation for thoroughness and professionalism as well as our focus on client service. Our good reputation combined with our audit opinion helps assure your stakeholders, as well as tax authorities, banks, regulators, suppliers, customer, and employees that your financial statement fairly represents your company.

You also will appreciate that Plante Moran professionals approach your financial statement audit as more than a routine, historical, compliance activity. They take the time to fully understand your organization. That means that the professionals that conduct your financial statement audit will be aware of the challenges facing your industry and its changing business risks. But they also to listen to you specific concerns because they understand every organization is unique. 

Opportunities to save

Our audit professionals will understand taxes and key indicators on your financial statement. They will be able to benchmark your operation against others in the same industry and suggest opportunities for efficiencies and savings. For instance, during an audit of a business consulting firm, our audit specialists suggested restructuring to save the company $500,000. For a metal stamper, the audit team identified $400,000 in property tax savings. In other words our auditors go beyond the numbers to recommend opportunities for cost savings.

They also suggest ways to improve controls to ensure the quality of the information your accounting system generates and that you depend on to make important day-to-day decisions. And they will help you interpret the financial information which is so important as you develop plans for the future.

As one of the nation’s accounting, tax, and management consulting firms, Plante Moran has the resources and expertise to handle large, complicated assignments. Yet we've retained the smaller-firm values of personal attention and service that add value to engagements of any size. At Plante Moran, it's not one-size-fits-all. It's the best of both worlds.