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The passage of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA), extended the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for one year. This, among other changes, affords new possibilities within the renewable energy arena.

Wind Renewable Energy

Hot Topic of Today, Energy for Tomorrow

The expansion of the renewable energy industry in the past few years has been exponential and one of the leading technologies is wind. As the country and very possibly the world moves farther away from fossil fuels and turns to renewable energy, interest in wind technology will increase and become a principal source of energy. With the increased awareness of wind technology, the development of new projects will become more competitive. Plante Moran understand these challenges and is equipped to assist you the development of your wind project. 

Experience that Differentiates Us

When you engage Plante Moran in your project you will notice the benefits that our experience brings from the beginning. Throughout the project we will keep you up to date on the incentives and opportunities that will enable you to draw a greater return on your capital. From our experience working with other wind projects we have a deep understanding of what our client’s need and we are committed to bring this level of experience to each engagement. 

Accelerate your Project

Finding the financial support to begin your wind project and having a complete understanding of the financial projections will allow you to take full advantage of the return on your investment. Plante Moran offers services that include power purchase structures, entity structuring agreements, and other important financial components that are essential to make your project a go. 

A Team of Professionals

The renewable energy group at Plante Moran diligently monitors the growth of the renewable energy industry and continues to provide outstanding services to an increasing number of clients. Currently, Plante Moran serves over 350 energy related clients across the United States. Our competitive spirit and expertise within the renewable energy industry is unmatched among other consulting firms. 

Renewable Energy Related Services

  • Assistance with modeling accurate return on investment for all parties involved 
  • Presentation to lending institutions to help get a project financed 
  • Intimate knowledge of loan guarantee and state incentive programs 
  • Cost certifications for all American Recovery and Reinvestment Act eligible projects 
  • Entity structuring to maximize ROI