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Our ERP specialists, experienced working in the food and beverage industry, can help you make informed decisions.

ERP assessment, selection, and implementation

Complying with food safety is easier with ERP.

The new safety regulations have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspectors shifting their focus. They used to collect evidence of food safety problems after they had occurred. Now they are charged with ensuring that food companies are doing what is necessary to prevent problems.


Central to this new focus is a required food safety plan. The plan is to include an analysis of hazards and a process for implementing and monitoring preventative controls to mitigate risk. The goal is to have the necessary records to quickly track and trace food and ingredients when a problem arises. 

ERP will give you the records you need 

How do you comply with this major regulatory change?


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software with its integration powers has the functionality that can help you comply with the increased record keeping demands and offer you best practices to ensure quality and traceability.


It is important, however, to get the right ERP system for your operation. If you already have a system, our ERP specialists can review its capabilities and determine what can be done to optimize its effectiveness. They also can help you decide if you need to consider upgrades or even a new system.


Our ERP specialists, experienced working in the food and beverage industry, can help you make informed decisions. They will begin by assessing the needs of your unique organization. If you have an existing system, they will review your system either end to end or for specific processes based on your priorities. They will look at your usage of existing functionality, modifications, potential applicability of new/planned vendor functionality, use of ancillary systems, infrastructure, and support, including the proficiency level of your staff.

Selecting the right ERP system

If your decision is to buy a new system, our ERP specialists will help you get the best solution at the best price. They can help you document your needs in an RFP and then help you assess the responses so that you get the functionality, vendor viability, and technology you need. Included in their due diligence will be a full discussion on hosting vs. on-premise and Software as a Service (SaaS).

To ensure a successful implementation, our ERP specialists can also manage the project. They have a methodology that they’ve perfected doing more than 60 installations — bringing each project in on time and within budget.


You will appreciate the independence of our ERP specialists. They are well versed in a range of technologies, but do not sell any solutions. Therefore, you can depend on their objective advice when making decisions.