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Food and Beverage
From volatility in commodities to healthcare reform to food safety, food and beverage processors and distributors face unprecedented challenges.

Food & beverage

A deep understanding of food & beverage delivers a higher return on experience

These are tumultuous times for the food and beverage industry. Increased regulation focused on food safety translates into intense scrutiny and increased responsibility for the quality of your suppliers. At the same time fluctuating commodity prices, fuel costs, and transportation expenses seem to go up and seldom come down.

How does a food and beverage company cope with these challenges while dealing with growing global competition, tight credit, and a customer with less spending money and a new taste for healthier foods?

Our team of auditors, tax specialists, and consultants dedicated to manufacturers can share the solutions they see working for others in the food and beverage industry. They work with breweries, confectioners, cooperatives, frozen food companies, soft drink bottlers, and processors of vegetables, fruits, juices, dairy, and cheese.

They helped them manage the lean years of the Great Recession and successfully plan for future growth. Being a strategic partner with our clients is one way we live up to our promise of “a higher return on experience.”

Painless and practical audits

Our clients tell us we make the audit process easy because of our proven methodology and the industry-specific tools we’ve developed. You will appreciate how our auditors compare your numbers to those of your peers and help you put expenditures, staffing, and operations into perspective. They will give you the data points to successfully woo lenders, investors, merger targets, and innovation partners. With our help, your audit report becomes a manual for an effective and efficient future.

A well designed tax strategy is like money in the bank

Taxes are one of the biggest expenses any business faces, and tax planning can be complex because of the interdependence and ever-changing nature of taxes at the local, state, federal, and international levels. You can count on our tax planning team to monitor legislative, regulatory, and precedent-setting developments in tax and be ready to help you adapt by offering new planning ideas or adjusting your current plan to take advantage of new opportunities. You can depend on them to guide you through the complicated tax environment and help you develop a plan that will reduce your organization’s tax burden and maximize its cash flow.
Need help finding the right suppliers?
Our strategic sourcing experts can help you search the globe for the best products and services. They have an approach that will ensure you get the value you are looking for and the quality you require. They can help you level the playing field.

Where should you locate a new plant?
You will appreciate our team that specializes in site selection. They will help you look at the local tax structures, the cost and availability of labor at various locations, and the incentives available from local governments. You’ll have the information to weigh your options and find a site that fits your goals.

Getting the information you need from your ERP system?
Our technology team has implemented more than 70 new ERP systems and customized and updated many more. They can help you comply with the new safety regulations and give you a competitive edge by ensuring your systems align with your objectives.

The Plante Moran manufacturing & distribution team includes more than 350 professionals. They serve more than 2,000 clients, 200 are in the food and beverage sector.

Financial Statement Audit

You will appreciate our value added financial statement audits. Our methodology and industry-specific tools will make the audit process easier for you. And our audit reports will include comparisons with your peers. Information you can use to plan an effective and efficient future.

Tax Planning

With credit so tight, how does a food and beverage company finance science and innovation? Our tax specialists can help you explore opportunities to minimize your tax liability and maximize your cash flow.

ERP assessment, selection, and implementation

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act has inspectors shifting their focus to preventative controls to mitigate risk. A good response is a robust ERP system. Our experienced ERP specialists can help you assess your current position, and if necessary select a new system and help implement it.