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Financial Statement Audit
Plante Moran's financial statement audit and financial support services team help ensure the quality of your financial information and identify ways to save you money. Contact us to develop customized strategies to increase your cash flow and encourage growth.

Franchise Audits and Financial Reviews

Our experts develop solutions to help franchises save money

Do you remember the last time your auditor saved you money?  During a recent audit, Plante Moran identified that a franchisor’s leases appeared to be above market. After completing due diligence, the team was able to work with the client to renegotiate its leases, saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars.
It’s this commitment to go beyond financial statement compliance that distinguishes Plante Moran from other firms. Sure, we deliver objective, independent, accurate information in a timely manner, but that’s only a portion of the value we provide. We continuously look to uncover opportunities to help the franchise industry and multi-unit businesses grow, save money, and improve operations—and we do this at any point within a business’s life cycle.

You will benefit from our extensive franchise experience and geographic reach

Plante Moran auditors have been working with the franchise industry and multi-unit organizations for decades. Many of our franchise auditors have experience working in the industry and understand the industry as only those with inside knowledge can. In fact, several of our team members have previous experience working with large, household franchise brands. We will use all of this experience to benefit your business. In addition, we’re accustomed to serving multi-location entities, whether that means traveling to sites within the United States or internationally. Our geographic reach is limitless.

Technology assures a pain-free audit

Our audit process is highly technology-driven. It’s designed to identify efficiencies and minimize the amount of time and effort required of your internal staff. Time and time again, our clients have remarked on our pain-free audit—even when a client is transitioning accounting firms.

You will enjoy working with us

Plante Moran has been honored by many organizations and publications as a best place to work including FORTUNE magazine which has included Plante Moran in its list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” for the 18th consecutive year. This is a result of a firm culture that develops staff and puts clients first. You benefit from this award-winning culture in the following ways:
  • Low staff turnover — We have the lowest staff turnover rate of any major accounting firm in the United States. By minimizing turnover, we can provide better staff continuity, which in turn ensures that our teams are organized, prepared, and not slowed down by on-the-job learning.
  • More senior-level involvement — Our staffing mix involves a high degree of partner and senior manager-level involvement in our engagements. As a result, we bring more franchise experience directly to the field, improving the quality and effectiveness of our interactions with your internal accounting staff and executive management, often generating additional value.

Two Men and a Truck is a franchisor that believes in total transparency. That is why we put so much emphasis on the quality of our FDD (franchise disclosure document) and even include Item 19 (earnings claims). We also realize our success depends heavily on the success of our franchisees so we invest in preparing them for the challenges they are going to face. For most franchisees, their business income will be filtered through to their personal balance sheets. In other words, the sustainability of their businesses and the security of their families are very closely connected. That is why we emphasize the need for a good business advisor and an experienced wealth manager. For an efficient and effective integrated approach, we share our personal example. The specialists at Plante Moran have gained our trust. They do our business audits and estate and personal tax planning.

Melanie Bergeron, Chair
Two Men and a Truck International, Inc.