2014 New Ideas for Franchising
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Franchise Outlook
The recent rebound of the franchise industry has provided many opportunities for franchise growth and success. The Plante Moran 2014 New Ideas for Franchising publication addresses several of these opportunities.

2014 New Ideas for Franchising

The Franchise Industry is Positioned for Success

Plante Moran’s franchise industry team is pleased to present our 2014 New Ideas for Franchising. This publication explores a number of opportunities the franchise industry can leverage for continued growth and success, including:

  • Lenders Looking for Opportunities – A leader in the area of franchise finance talks about commercial financing, emphasizing that the way a company presents itself to a lender is critical.
  • Franchise Success Secret Replication – See why experience and research has continually proven the need to exactly follow a franchisor’s business template. 
  • Preparing Franchising’s Next Generation – Northwood University has began offering the nation’s first bachelor’s degree program in franchise management, preparing more people to enter this growing industry.
  • Invest in Employees to Lower Costs and Boost Profits – The good jobs theory explains how you can raise wages, keep prices low, and increase profits. Sounds too good to be true, but there is proof.
  • Focus on Baby Boomers – Across industries, the focus is on how to serve the burgeoning market of the newly retired and the trillions of dollars they have to spend.

We see the franchise industry as well positioned to take on these and other challenges. While there is significant opportunity in the franchise market, it is increasingly important to stay ahead of the curve.

We invite you to download our 2014 Franchising New Ideas by filling out the form to the right and use the information it contains to help you prepare for the opportunities and challenges this year will bring.