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Plante Moran’s experienced tax consultants work with franchisees, franchisors, and multi-unit operators to help you find the best opportunities to minimize your tax obligations and maximize your tax savings. 

Franchise Tax Consulting


Plante Moran’s franchise tax consultants help franchises minimize taxes

Many franchisees, franchisors, and multi-unit operators aren’t using all of the techniques available to minimize income and other taxes. Plante Moran’s team of franchise tax experts specialize in helping you find these opportunities and apply them to maximize savings for your business.

Cost segregation: an underused technique by operators

Although cost segregation has been a viable tax minimization technique for many years, many franchise industry organizations and multi-unit entities aren’t leveraging the benefits. Cost segregation allows companies to treat certain construction costs as components of machinery or equipment rather than as part of the building itself. This, in turn, allows companies to depreciate these costs over a five- or seven-year period versus the traditionally longer periods associated with real estate. Plante Moran’s tax team can help organizations segregate fixed assets into their appropriate depreciable lives, often saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

Multi-state taxation strategies for franchisors, franchisees, and multi-unit entities

State and local tax issues are inherently complex. Our tax team can help organizations with multi-state locations identify and handle their many tax concerns. Whether the organization is facing a sales, use, or property tax problem or just trying to determine in which states to file income tax returns, we can help you develop the right tax-planning strategy to ensure you’re paying what you owe—no more, no less.

Franchise tax incentive opportunities

Our franchise tax consultanting team stay up to date on the latest developments in an ever-changing tax environment.  We keep abreast of all the available income tax credit planning opportunities and accelerated depreciation strategies to ensure that you are minimizing your tax liability while keeping that critical capital in your business.  Let our franchise tax experts guide you through all of these valuable incentives.

Franchise tax accounting methods

Deciding whether to defer or accelerate income and expenses can have a significant effect on franchise’s tax position. Our tax experts can help you determine the appropriate accounting method for each situation, saving significant dollars in the process.


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Two Men and a Truck is a franchisor that believes in total transparency. That is why we put so much emphasis on the quality of our FDD (franchise disclosure document) and even include Item 19 (earnings claims). We also realize our success depends heavily on the success of our franchisees so we invest in preparing them for the challenges they are going to face. For most franchisees, their business income will be filtered through to their personal balance sheets. In other words, the sustainability of their businesses and the security of their families are very closely connected. That is why we emphasize the need for a good business advisor and an experienced wealth manager. For an efficient and effective integrated approach, we share our personal example. The specialists at Plante Moran have gained our trust. They do our business audits and estate and personal tax planning.

Melanie Bergeron, Chair
Two Men and a Truck International, Inc.