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Fiscal Sustainability

Plante & Moran performs audits on over 200 governmental entities in Michigan and even more nationally. So we understand the challenges local governments face.

Many local governments have had to deal with decreasing property values, revenue shortages, and rising employee benefit costs -- all while the demand for essential services is not decreasing. Many communities have already made budget cuts by downsizing or deferring capital spending or in other ways. And they may face additional spending cuts in budgets that have already been cut and are already very tight.

Please review the video to see how our proprietary process can help you face these challenges by evaluating where you are today, where you are going and how to get on the path to fiscal sustainability.

For more information about our proprietary process and how to get your local government on the path to fiscal sustainability, please contact us.

 Plante & Moran's Proprietary Process


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