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Plante Moran’s integrated healthcare practice brings the collective experience of more than 200 specialists to our more than 1,800 healthcare clients, including management consultants, reimbursement specialists, real estate advisors and audit and tax CPAs. 

Health care: Proven remedies for the times

Healthcare reforms requiring more efficient and effective care are here to stay even as the methods and mandates continue to evolve. There are things you can do today that will prepare your organization for a healthy tomorrow. Our experienced staff can help ensure you meet quality standards and position you to leverage shared savings programs.

They can also help you with improvements in your operations and labor productivity, a proactive response to ever fluctuating reimbursement rates. When you are debating facilities questions like “remodel or build new,” they can provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions. And when you are developing a strategy on accountable care organizations (ACOs), they can share benchmarks and experience from helping your peers with the same concerns. Our healthcare team can help bring you a degree of certainty in an uncertain world.

Are your audit numbers adding up to opportunity? Our clients tell us we make the audit process easy because of our proven methodology and the healthcare-specific tools we’ve developed. You will appreciate how our auditors compare your numbers to those of your peers and help you put expenditures, staffing and operations into perspective. They will give you the data points you need to talk with lenders, investors, merger targets and innovation partners. With our help, your audit report becomes a manual for an effective and efficient future.

Secure your tax position. When your owners or board members are considering any kind of transaction, you can rely on our tax consultants to analyze the resulting tax position. Whether your organization pays taxes or is tax exempt, they will be able to model the effects of the decision on your tax liability or tax-exempt status so you will be able to make an informed decision. This is an era of intense public scrutiny. You can depend on our tax team to provide the documentation you need to meet the demands for transparency and comply with the rules of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

Strategize to manage risk. With legislation, demographics, and economic factors strongly influencing the future of your organization, it is important to evaluate your risks and opportunities. Our healthcare team can help you identify the most significant threats to your financial and operational health as well as possible opportunities and supply you with a timeline and proven responses. 

Increase efficiency, lower costs, improve care. Does finding $1 million worth of cost savings in a $15 million budget sound good to you? That is one example of savings opportunities our healthcare team can find after conducting an operations assessment of a senior care facility.

Are you prepared for HITECH compliance? The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act is now in effect. Are you leveraging the incentives to accelerate the adoption and avoiding the risk of non-compliance with its hefty penalties? Our technology specialists are well versed in the information security issues involved in sharing confidential patient data.

If you build it will they come? The competitive markets of today require a reasoned approach to expanding facilities or services. Our healthcare team includes market feasibility specialists who can help you determine if your market will support the changes you are proposing.


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“Plante & Moran’s feasibility study was excellent. I was very impressed with their ability to communicate with all of our stakeholders. They were professional, concise, understanding and had a great deal of in-depth knowledge of our industry. They saved us a lot of money and potential agony, and were more than willing to listen to our ideas and suggestions. I recommend any health system considering new construction bring Plante & Moran in from day one before they spend a dollar.”

Michael Perel, Kauai Region - Chief Financial Officer
Hawaii Health Systems Corp., Kauai, HI