Multistate health system achieves 20% growth in senior care attributed lives
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Multistate health system achieves 20% growth in senior care attributed lives

​​The challenge
A multistate health system, operating as separate regions, required a universal strategy to appeal to, and manage the care of, the senior population. The system had already entered into several ACO and risksharing arrangements across its footprint, but was experiencing an uneven ability to obtain patient attribution, inconsistency in managing costs, and an aggregation of assets that was assembled through mergers. The system needed a strategy that was sufficiently detailed to enable application and execution at the local level, while still broad enough to provide local modification and corporate agreement on investments. 

The solution
We developed an Executive Working Team (EWT) to define specific issues that were affecting the senior care population. Our team visited each region to collect pertinent data on services, medical staff, demographics, and competition across the continuum. The EWT reviewed the research on each subject and prioritized the issues by market relevance. We then defined a matrix of potential initiatives to improve or implement solutions.

The benefit
A strategic framework addressing nine global issues affecting senior care was produced. The strategy focused on 17 initiatives that impacted capturing market share, attributed lives, investments and divestments, payment reform, site of service, technology, workforce, education, and operational efficiency. The strategic plan was completed in five months, and post-implementation results included 20 percent growth in attributed lives, corporate investment in telehealth solutions, and post-acute operating margin improvement. ​

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