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Facilities Planning & Construction Management
Whether you are making decisions on capital projects, have facilities issues, or want to cut your energy usage, the architects, engineers, and financial consultants on our real estate advisory team can help you make decisions that support your college or university’s visions and strategic plans.

Facilities Planning & Construction Management for Higher Education

Helping higher ed build for long term goals

From facilities planning to construction management, when our higher education clients have questions about real estate, they can turn to Plante Moran CRESA for answers. The CRESA team includes architects, engineers, and financial consultants. They specialize in helping institutions make decisions on capital investments that support their visions and strategic plans. 

Facilities management for institutions of higher education

What would you do if you lost your vice president of facilities, director of maintenance, and head custodian at the same time? When this happened recently, the university turned to the facilities experts at Plante Moran CRESA for help manage its campus.

ROI can help you decide

The CRESA team often begins its discussion of capital projects by researching student demographics and answering facilities planning questions, like how many students will be enrolling in 2010, 2011, and moving forward.

If you want to reinvigorate your campus, we can determine the return on investment (ROI) of the options – repair, reuse, or replace. If you’re looking for property, we can serve as your exclusive agent, eliminating the conflicts of interest that sometimes surface in real estate transactions. We will represent you and only you.

We also can help with strategic and asset positioning and facilities planning. CRESA professionals can dig into the details, so you can have the information to make a decision on the feasibility of a project as well as how it fits with the university’s long term goals. 

You can rely on us to deliver the project on time and within budget

If your college or university decides to go forward with a project, we can provide your institution with construction management consulting services and a multidisciplinary approach to managing costs. Before a project starts we will evaluate the elements - architecture, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, structural, environmental engineering, and owner specific items. From there we can provide a methodical plan and schedule that minimizes risks and barriers.

Acting as your construction management firm, our consultants can guide you through the selection of architects, engineers, and contractors as well as oversee the construction process. To complete the project, we can assist in procuring furniture and equipment. Always we’ll have our eye on the budget. You can rely on us to deliver the project on time and within budget. 

Answers to sustainability

Of particular concern to universities and colleges, we can help protect the environment by building sustainability into your plans. We can introduce practices that cut electricity cost, lower waste fees, and reduce water and sewage bills.

Our real estate advisors offer the best way to plan, the smartest way to save, and the only way to build.

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​“We’ve worked with Plante Moran on a wide variety of consulting projects, including a new ERP system, storage area network, video on demand, and process redesign. Their technology team guided us through these projects, providing technical and business expertise. Their knowledge and professionalism gave us the comfort level we needed to make decisions and move forward. We plan on working with them for many more years and will continue to depend on them as we work with other two‐year schools in Ohio to create a shared services environment.”

Director of Information Systems & Services
Community College