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Financial Statement Audit
You will appreciate the thoroughness, methodology, and industry specific tools of our financial statement auditors as well as their results. An audit report from our higher education team can give you the information you need make sound decisions and plan a sustainable financial future for your college or university.

Financial Statement Audits for Higher Education

We specialize in audit and compliance services for higher education

Plante Moran has a financial statement audit team that specializes in serving higher education. What does this mean to you? Because of our extensive experience with similar clients, our staff will not need to be trained by you — we will bring knowledge to you. 

Good communication means no surprises

Also, there will be no surprises because we will help you identify issues before they become problems. The following outlines our four-phase approach to financial statement audits:

  • Phase One — Meeting with management and audit committees to discuss scope, areas of highest risk, latest industry trends and issues, and how they impact your institution
  • Phase Two — Onsite testing of key processes and controls
  • Phase Three — Core testing of year-end balances
  • Phase Four — Presentation of the financial statement audit results to management, audit committees, and/or boards. At this time we also ask you to assess how we did and how we can serve you even better in the future.

Throughout this process there is continual communication and upfront discussion of issues and resolutions. You will also benefit from the firm’s culture that stresses collaboration, resulting in exceptional problem solving for our high ed clients. 

Compliance audits

Our staff is well trained to conduct federal compliance audits dealing with complex issues in the areas of student financial aid and research and development. We can help you work through the many facets and challenges of federal compliance and reporting. We have worked with all types of programs with annual expenditures ranging from $5 million to $500 million. We have significant experience performing federal audits in accordance with OMB Circular A-133.

What does this mean to you? Our staff will not need to be trained by you — we will bring knowledge to you. 

NCAA compliance

For more than 20 years, our financial statement audit team has performed agreed-upon procedures related to intercollegiate athletic programs for Division I and Division II institutions. We have clients that require the procedures to be done annually as well as those that have it done on an every third-year basis. 

Public broadcasting audits (radio and TV)

Our team is focused on smoothing out your reporting with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and its required online audit certification process. We have experience and understand the requirements to get it done accurately and on time.

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