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Our technology specialists can help you assess where you are now and where you want to be then help you develop and implement a strategic approach to technology that will keep your university or college on the cutting edge.

Technology in Higher Education

Optimizing technology for higher education institutions

Plante Moran’s technology consulting and solutions team is perfectly positioned to understand your technology requirements, challenges, and goals. We have a team of more than 60 consultants, who combine their expertise in technology selection and implementation with their knowledge of higher education to design and implement processes and solutions that will help your institution thrive far into the future. 

We customize every solution

You can depend on us to wisely use our experience serving many universities and colleges. Yet we will never forget that your situation is unique and solutions must be customized.

We can help you develop a well thought out, strategic investment in technology that will: 

  • Ensure that your systems are adequate for your needs, today and into the future 
  • Help increase operational efficiency and effectiveness 
  • Potentially free up precious staff resources 
  • Meet the increasing demands for connectivity from your faculty, staff, and students 

Solutions for technology challenges

You can depend on us for objective advice and valuable insight because we don’t sell hardware or software. We help higher education clients use technology more effectively. Whether we design a new video-on-demand solution, analyze your telecommunications environment, redesign business processes to leverage new technology, or assess the IT support function, you can count on us to provide expert advice and innovative solutions.

If you need assistance in procuring new technology, we will perform needs definition, design a solution, write the Request for Proposal and analyze proposals. You will appreciate our efforts to get you the best solution at a reasonable price.

You can also depend on us to ensure correct technology implementation and that you get what you have paid for. We help with: 

  • Shared services, including governance 
  • Technology planning 
  • Technology assessments 
  • Enterprise network (voice, video, and data) 
  • Web development & SharePoint implementation 
  • ERP selection & implementation management 
  • Security

Fulfilling your information security needs

Because information security compliance is especially important to you, we have a specialized higher education information technology team that will help build the necessary technical defense mechanisms and create effective internal control policies.

To each engagement we bring deep industry experience, a leading-edge knowledge of technology selection and implementation options, and staff members who are easy to work with

​“We’ve worked with Plante Moran on a wide variety of consulting projects, including a new ERP system, storage area network, video on demand, and process redesign. Their technology team guided us through these projects, providing technical and business expertise. Their knowledge and professionalism gave us the comfort level we needed to make decisions and move forward. We plan on working with them for many more years and will continue to depend on them as we work with other two‐year schools in Ohio to create a shared services environment.”

Director of Information Systems & Services
Community College