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Employee Benefits Consulting
When you are looking for ideas to contain your benefit costs, our employee benefits consultants can help with plan design, financing, vendor selection, vendor management, administration, pricing, and government compliance issues.

K-12 Employee Benefit Consultants

Making employee benefits affordable so you can retain the best educators

With changes occurring in funding levels and increasing demands for accountability in the way employee benefit plans are managed, school districts are in need of sound, innovative ideas that will enable them to provide employee health benefit services that they can afford.

You don't have to be afraid of losing your ability to attract and retain good employees. In case after case, our employee benefit consultants have helped public employers reduce their benefit costs while maintaining and sometimes enhancing benefits.

Employee benefits management saves $900,000

For one of our public clients, we were able to recommend changes to their employee health benefit plans that yielded $900,000 in savings. The governmental entity anticipated spending $6.7 million on employee health benefits for its 450 employees and retirees in 2008.

During the renewal process for 2009, our employee benefit consultants worked with the benefits administrators to investigate self-insuring employee benefit plans with BCBSM. By self-insuring and purchasing appropriate stop-loss insurance, the client expects to save $400,000 against the quoted 2009 fully-insured renewal, with additional savings expected in the next two years.

The remaining $500,000 in savings resulted from our recommendation to move Medicare eligible retirees to comparable Medicare Advantage plans. These plans provide comparable or more generous benefits than the current retiree medical plans, but at a lower cost.

We will review your employee health benefits. We will create models to analyze the effects of changing various factors such as plan design, funding arrangement, vendor selection, and wellness strategies.

Our employee benefit consultants also have extensive experience in dealing with school districts’ specific fringe benefit needs, including:
  • Section 403(b), 457 plan design and consulting
  • P.A. 106, Public Employee Health Benefit Act
  • Section 403(b), 457 investment provider analysis
  • Section 125 cafeteria plan design and consulting (cash-in-lieu, premium conversion, flexible spending accounts)
  • Early retirement incentive plan design and consulting

We bring the knowledge we’ve gained from more than 50 years serving schools and consulting on employee benefit services to every engagement. At the same time we will provide you individualized attention and customized solutions for your unique situation.

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