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Facilities Planning & Construction Management
Our real estate advisors with years of experience working with schools can help manage your projects by defining clear parameters, assembling a talented team, negotiating the best prices, enforcing contract agreements, and making sure your project is completed on time and on budget.

K-12 Facilities Management Services

Our K-12 specialists understand the unique challenges of school projects

Difference: Independence

As your trusted facilities planning consultants, we do not take financial interest in any aspect of a real estate project. With that independence comes freedom from conflicting interests and relationships.

We evaluate your goals and guide you in your educational facilities planning efforts, so you can make the right strategic, financial, and education-driven decisions as they relate to your facility needs — always focusing on the one and only interest that matters…yours

Reputation: Client Advocacy

At Plante & Moran and Plante Moran Commercial Real Estate Service Advisors (CRESA), our culture is one of client advocacy.

Our team members are industry leaders who have earned a reputation as being fair, effective, and timely in our negotiating, planning and managing of school facilities projects. Our solid reputation has led to strong professional and business relationships that we are able to leverage to help you meet your facility goals. 

Value: Predictability of Outcome

Talk is cheap. Results count. And that is exactly what Plante Moran CRESA provides. Predictable results: something you can count on consistently, so that you can remain focused on your core objectives.

From concept through completion, our real estate advisors assist in the school facilities planning process by defining clear project parameters, negotiating the best transaction, securing the most qualified team of professionals, creating and enforcing strong contracts, and overseeing every project detail to ensure successful project completion.

We help our clients save time, money, and headaches, and we are ready to help you. Right now. 

Services: Proven Processes

As our client, you will benefit from our team of facilities planning consultants that include architects, engineers, urban planners, project managers, and professional real estate advisors who provide the expertise needed to ensure your success.

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