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K-12 School Administrative Systems

A school administration system can bring new efficiencies to your building

For years, manufacturers have been depending on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to help them better unite strategy, people, and processes and deploy timely and accurate information throughout their operations.

As the demand for improved performance and data-driven decision making strain the capabilities of existing financial and student management systems, school districts also are looking to upgrade or replace their existing administration systems so that they become more efficient and better integrated. However, finding the right school administration software and making sure it integrates is a complex process.

To avoid costly mistakes and ensure expectations are met, many school districts are turning to us for help.

You’ll benefit from an experienced team of technology experts

If you are looking at school administration systems to integrate your finance, human resources, and student management functions, we can help you assess the processes you use, develop RFPs, evaluate proposals, negotiate the contracts, and implement the management system. In addition to implementing your new management system, we will work with you to ensure your staff has the training it needs to work with the system. We also work with districts to get the most out of their existing administrative systems, redesigning existing processes to better leverage the features in them.

You can benefit from the skills of our 60 technology consultants and our 25 years of experience helping more than 200 school districts find value in technology.

Although we have developed well-defined methodologies, we promise you that we are not rigid. We will listen closely to the challenges and opportunities that your district faces, and we will work with you to create an administration system that addresses your specific conditions.

School district wanted a comprehensive IT assessment

For instance, a school district was bogged down with legacy systems that had outlived their usefulness, so we took a comprehensive look at the district’s infrastructure, organization, and support. We collected and reviewed IT processes and documentation, conducted meetings with IT staff, and selected end users.

We then conducted strategic planning sessions to develop plans to move forward. Today we are helping the district assemble a school administration system that includes a new student information system (SIS), a new financial management system (FMS), and a new human resource system (HR).

If you’re looking for a consulting team to help you find the right administrative system to bring new efficiencies and cost savings for your school district, Plante Moran has the experience and expertise you can depend on.

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