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Technology decisions? Schools appreciate our expertise and experience

Over the last 10 years, a school district has undertaken a series of building projects, including a new middle school, three new elementary schools, and additions or significant renovations to 18 other sites. Each time they called in the education technology team at Plante Moran to help them design and implement a technology system that connected the buildings and gave administrators, instructors, and students the access they needed to perform successfully and efficiently.
When another school district was making significant additions and renovations to approximately 30 sites, they called in the same education technology team to help them look at where the district was and where it wanted to be when the construction was completed. The team then helped them design a plan to fit their particular needs, develop RFPs, negotiate contacts, and ensure a successful technology implementation.

You can benefit from our experience working on more than 300 projects

Both districts benefited from our technology selection and implementation work with more than 35 school districts on more than 300 bond projects costing approximately $100 million. When your district is renovating or undergoing new construction it is important to pay particular attention to technology selection and implementation. It is a complex, crucial, and expensive element that needs serious consideration.

You can depend on our team of technology experts

You can depend on our education technology team for expertise in a number of areas including application consulting, business process improvement, project management, technology selection and planning, security assurance, technology management, communications and networking, technology implementation consulting, and e-business. You can also depend on us to be independent. We are not selling hardware or software. We will always put your interests first.

To ensure a smooth transition, we can help:
  • Identify the current state and determine your requirements for new or modified technology.
  • Propose an infrastructure and technology deployment strategy and timeline.
  • Develop requests for proposals (RFPs) to implement strategy.
  • Plan and design solutions for integrated classroom and instructional technologies.
  • Coordinate with your approved vendors for a timely and smooth transition.
  • Review invoices to ensure no extraneous costs are passed on.

When you are investing taxpayer funds on technology, you will appreciate our experienced, expert, and independent advice.

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