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Your business is our business — trust Plante Moran to understand your industry

What is your business? Manufacturing and distribution? Health care? Financial services? Private equity? Real estate and construction? Public sector? Service industries? The accountants and management consultants of Plante  Moran know them all and know them well.

Because of Plante Moran’s size and client diversity, the firm has served thousands of organizations in each sector and our staff members use that experience to benefit everyone. 

You benefit from our experience

That means our business advisors will come to your project ready to work. They won’t bog you down with a laundry list of background questions. Quite the contrary. You can depend on Plante Moran professionals to understand the broad issues your industry faces.

If revenue recognition is a factor in your field, they know about it. If legislative developments are a challenge, they are aware of them. If percentage of completion is a concern, they’re on top of it. In short, if trends, economic factors, or regulations relate to your industry, your Plante Moran team members will know about them. 

Communication is essential

At the same time, they will listen closely to your concerns. Our management consultants and CPAs understand each client is unique. That is why your Plante Moran team will give you individualized attention and service. They will also share information on your projects as soon as it becomes available. You will appreciate their efforts to keep open lines of communication.

You can also rely on Plante Moran to assemble a team of specialists that fits your specific project. The team can include doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, as well as CPAs. You can depend on your team to collaborate for exceptional thinking and problem solving.

You can also depend on the team for its hands –on experience and ability to put theory into practice with creativity and enthusiasm.

That’s why Plante Moran can say -- your business is our business. We’ll help you thrive.