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Financial Statement Audit
When you engage our team for financial statement auditing services, you can expect more than routine compliance because we specialize in serving plastics and packaging companies.

Financial Statement Audits for Plastics Manufacturers

Auditors find money-saving opportunities for plastics manufacturers

Does your auditor consistently help you save money? Plante Moran believes that a financial statement audit for a plastics manufacturer is not complete until it provides options to improve the company’s financial position.

When you engage our team for financial statement auditing services, you can expect more than routine compliance because we know about plastics and packaging companies. We advise more than 2,500 manufacturing companies and more than 200 of them specialize in plastics.

Understanding the plastics industry

We will come to your financial statement audit knowing that productivity among plastics manufacturers is up, but so are price pressures and material costs. We know because we conduct the industry’s most in-depth benchmarking survey every year.

Our North American Plastics Study benchmarks profitability and performance in the plastics industry. During the financial statement auditing process, we will keep in mind the many challenges that the plastics manufacturers face, such as finding the right asset utilization rate and balancing receivables and inventory with net equipment costs at a favorable margin. We will draw on our background knowledge and experience to provide you meaningful recommendations.

Audits are value added and hassle free

Plante Moran plastics and packaging industry clients appreciate our understanding of their business challenges and opportunities. We will bring that same understanding to your financial statement audits. And as an audit client, we can promise you that: 

  • Your internal controls and financial statements will be reviewed by reputable, experienced industry professionals. 
  • You will receive financial statement audit information that is objective, independent, and accurate; information you can depend on, in a timely manner.

“As a longstanding Plante & Moran client, I view Plante & Moran as a first-class organization whose culture emphasizes making staff happy, and that philosophy means my company receives excellent service. Members of our Plante & Moran account team are genuinely happy people who take pride in their work. Plante & Moran’s exceptionally low turnover also means we’ve had the same account team members for a very long time, contributing to their status with our organization as trusted business advisors.”

Bruce Graham, Executive Vice President and CFO
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