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North American Plastics Industry
The survey examines the best practices and characteristics that shape the success of North American processors.

North American Plastics Industry Study

In today's plastics industry, it's crucial for companies to have solid financial and competitive benchmarking data to support their strategies as well as to proactively manage relationships with customers, suppliers, lenders, and investors. 

Plante Moran's annual North American Plastics Industry Study


Plante Moran's annual NAPIS survey examines the best practices and characteristics that shape the success of North American plastics processors (Injection / Compression / Thermoforming / Blow / Extrusion).

Substantially streamlined in 2017

This year, the survey is changing. The length of the questionnaire has been reduced by over 60 percent and now focuses on core data regarding strategy, marketing, operations, organizational design, and financial performance. However, to continue addressing the needs of the industry, we are creating several focused surveys that center on best practices, which are linked below. Only the companies that participate in the NAPIS study will be allowed to participate in these focused surveys, to allow better correlation between company data and identifying which practices impact performance.

Focused Surveys
Focused Surveys will be launched throughout the year to address the need for additional information on pointed, varied topics. Please note that only companies that participate in the NAPIS survey will be allowed to participate in the Focused Surveys.


How do I participate in the surveys?

For both NAPIS and the Focused Surveys, there is no cost to participate.

For NAPIS, your company can submit data anytime during the year. Simply download and complete the survey, then submit your data using the instructions in the section below.

If you'd like to participate in the Focused Surveys, please make sure to submit your NAPIS survey.

How to submit the NAPIS survey

Return completed Excel surveys to:
Elaine Corriero
Fax: 248.233.7695 

Or follow these easy steps to submit your completed Excel survey using Plante Moran’s Secure File Exchange.

1) Access the Plante Moran Secure File Exchange
2) Click on the Secure Upload link
3) Enter
4) Fill out our secure upload form and attach your completed survey

Stay informed

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Receiving your custom report

For the completion of the North American Plastics Industry Study, each participant receives an individually tailored report showing direct comparisons of their performance against their peers for key measures. Our goal is to provide all custom reports by November annually. You may use any 12 month period for your data import (does not need to be your fiscal year end).

Only companies that submit data can receive the benchmarking report (see what’s included).

About the North American Plastics Industry Study

Founded in 1995, the North American Plastics Study is widely regarded as the most in-depth benchmarking survey available linking profitability and performance in the plastics industry. The study measures key performance indicators in areas such as strategy and marketing, financial performance, human resources, and operations. For hundreds of contributing participants each year, the study provides actionable insights regarding what drives success in the plastics industry.

Data confidentiality

Individual and company participant information is kept confidential. Read our confidentiality pledge.


Contact Us

Ted Morgan

877.622.2257, x33575

“We are a fairly data-driven metrics-oriented organization and have historically compared our 6 operations against each other internally. Participation in the North American Plastics Industry Survey (NAPIS) has taken benchmarking to the next level giving us a broad, valid comparative universe. Operationally we use the NAPIS data for enhancing the output and efficiency of our assets and goal setting. Commercially we reference the information to test the validity of “target pricing” that is frequently presented to our sales assets. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, NAPIS data has become part of our acquisition toolbox during the initial assessment and operational due diligence phases of the process. Candidly our entire management looks forward to the NAPIS survey.”
Al Ridilla, President
Enterprise Molded Products Business, Parkway Products Inc.