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Restructuring Services
We can quickly determine when it's possible to get a company back in the profitable column and when it's wise to liquidate. Let us help you take a serious look at restructuring your operations.

Restructuring Services

Restructuring your operations can save your company's life

Because it so difficult to refinance, highly leveraged plastics manufacturers are facing the possibility of liquidation. In fact it is estimated that 15 percent of the North American plastics processors will enter bankruptcy in the next 18 months.

These liquidations will also mean an unprecedented number of tools moving around. Because of the closures, customers will have to look for new suppliers. Some will be transferring to stronger suppliers to avoid risk.

To grab the coming transfer work, low-leveraged companies will have to beef up tooling capacity. Highly leveraged companies will have to relook at their operations and prepare a convincing financial and organizational restructuring plan for their creditors or prepare for liquidation.

When there are such serious decisions to make, where do you turn for advice?

Our financial and operational restructuring specialists at Plante Moran have unparalleled knowledge of the plastics industry and extensive hands-on knowledge. We can quickly determine when it is possible to get a company back in the profitable column and when it is wise to liquidate. Let us help you take a serious look at restructuring your operations. 

Operational changes can quickly and dramatically impact cash flow and revenues

We will help you look at the big picture, including cost estimating, employee productivity, quality issues, inventory control, health care, logistics, information technology, and more. Because Plante Moran is a large firm, we have access to an extensive range of resources. We can involve our colleagues in operations, tax, and other areas to help us find ways for your company to quickly trim costs and improve performance.

You can depend on our restructuring consultants to take a holistic look at your organization, provide comprehensive financial and organizational restructuring analyses, and establish plans for improvement. We also have the hands-on experience to help you implement the suggestions. In other words, we can tell you how to get back on track, and then we can help you get there. 

Seasoned plastics industry experts are key to your success

You will appreciate the deep industry knowledge and practical hands-on experience of our seasoned restructuring consultants. They are part of the team that conducts the annual North American Plastics Industry Study, the industry’s most in-depth benchmarking study.

When you’re deciding rather to ramp up or close your doors, every decision takes on new importance. In situations like these, you can depend on the expertise of our plastics team.

“Our experience with the Plante Moran team has been consistently positive. Their people are knowledgeable, real-world professionals who give solid advice on business and industry-related issues impacting profitability.”

Glenn Coate, President
Lakeside Plastics