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To generate higher levels of productivity and success for your private equity venture, minimize the impact of culture clash.

Employee Assessment

Prevent culture clash: promote success

Culture clash is one of the most frequently cited reasons for failed acquisitions. When cultures don’t align, people become nonproductive and resistant to change. Working with our employee assessment team can help remedy the situation and generate higher levels of productivity and success for your private equity venture. In other words, minimize the impact of culture clash.

Human capital due diligence

Post acquisition it is important that you know the strengths and weaknesses of the executives and managers in the new company. Our business psychologist can provide a comprehensive assessment using structured interviews and psychological testing tools. These assessments will provide an objective third-party look that may confirm your gut feelings or provide new insights into forging productive working relationships with key leaders and teams.

Overcome resistance to change

Private equity firms frequently observe the symptoms of resistance to change: avoidance behaviors, angry outbursts, tears, and procrastination. Our business psychology team can help you better understand the fear that is causing the resistance and help you shift your staff members into change mode.

Coach key individuals

There are often key players critical to the success of the acquisition who struggle. They can have difficulty prioritizing and translating important messages from the new ownership. Or they can struggle with the pace of change and implementing and internalizing the new strategy. In situations like these the sooner you act the better. If needed our business psychologist can help with an intervention in an effort to align the mindset and behaviors of these individuals with the strategic objectives of the new entity. 

Align organizational culture with business goals

It is also important that you begin aligning the organizational culture of the acquisition. To help with that, our business psychology team can do an organizational culture assessment which will provide a quick snapshot of strengths and weaknesses and provide insights into key areas that impact execution, strategic alignment, adaptability, and employee engagement — all linked to your return on investment. This data will provide objective information to use in development of specific action plans that can contribute to the success of organizational objectives.

Our employee assessment team possesses a unique set of skills that can be applied early helping you realize the financial objectives of an acquisition more quickly and increasing the success rate of your private equity fund and its investments.

Plante Moran has the experience and expertise to serve private equity groups. Our services for private equity groups and their portfolio companies include:

  • Deal flow (P&M Corporate Finance)
  • Strategic planning, analysis, & evaluation
  • Transaction & tax structuring
  • Transaction support services
    • Financial, strategic, operational, organizational, tax compliance, & technology due diligence
    • Purchase price allocation
    • Tangible & intangible valuation
    • Closing/opening balance sheet audits
  • Employee benefit plan review
  • Transition period support
    • Interim financial support services
    • Information technology
    • Transition plans & implementation
  • Fund assurance & tax services
    • Operational monitoring & improvements
  • Portfolio company financial reporting
  • Portfolio company tax planning & compliance services
  • Portfolio company exits
    (P&M Corporate Finance)

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"Plante Moran has been working with Huron Capital for more than 15 years. Plante Moran clearly understands our funds’ goals and objectives as middle-market investors, which makes for a great working relationship. One of their best attributes is their understanding of the dynamics of family-owned businesses, which comprise the majority of Huron’s investments. The Plante team has developed a highly effective, customized approach to communicating between the business owner and the Huron deal team.

In terms of portfolio company work, the Plante Moran team has reviewed budgets and provided an independent perspective on achievability and assumptions that drive the buildup. This is helpful as we set financial targets for our portfolio companies. They’ve also been a great referral source to Huron — always on the lookout for potential add-on acquisition targets that may be interesting to our current portfolio. In this sense, they are one of our most active service providers in terms of business development."

-Brian Demkowicz, Managing Partner, Huron Capital Partners