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Financial Due Diligence
You will appreciate our flexible and scalable approach to the unique dynamics and risks of each transaction. You will receive the type of responsive service you deserve and expect.

Due Diligence

A thorough due diligence process can minimize risk and validate opportunities

The Plante Moran transaction support team is comprised of experienced professionals who understand transactions and can minimize risk and validate opportunities by thoroughly analyzing a target company’s past, current, and projected performance.

Flash assessment prevents wasted effort

When a private equity group was considering acquiring a $150 million process equipment manufacturer/integrator, they came to us for due diligence services to help them take a quick, but thorough measure of the target.

We assembled a multi-disciplinary team with deep experience in manufacturing. After reviewing the target’s manufacturing and office operations, we determined that the company’s core business was more engineering than manufacturing. Learning this, the equity group withdrew because the target did not fit its acquisition profile.

The whole due diligence process took three days – an example of our flash assessment process that saves private equity clients time and money.


A flexible, responsive due diligence process with no-surprises

The team’s due diligence process is flexible and scalable to the unique dynamics, size, and risks of each transaction. Our professionals offer a full scope of services to analyze the quality of earnings and assets and liabilities to be acquired and will tailor their approach to suit your needs.

Once the letter of intent (LOI) is signed, transactions move quickly. Our due diligence specialists will ensure that you have the knowledge you need to make timely decisions. They offer phenomenal response time; they will get you where you want to be on a transaction quickly without jeopardizing the quality of their analysis. You can rely on them to start a transaction anywhere in the world. Through the firm’s 21 offices, the transaction team can provide services throughout the U.S., China, India, and Mexico. In addition, Plante & Moran has alliances and working relationships in 72 other counties.

Our due diligence process is based on a “no-surprises” approach. Issues are identified and communicated as they are discovered. This approach not only keeps you informed on all aspects of the team’s analysis but allows our consultants to modify their approach and dig deeper into new areas of concern. In addition, frequent communication can reduce fees as deal killer issues are uncovered and communicated, allowing you to disengage without further legal and other professional fees. 

Due diligence — financial, tax, strategic, operational, IT, and HR

By choosing Plante Moran, you can have one point of contact for your financial, tax, strategic, operational, information technology, and human resource due diligence needs. Our transaction support team is equipped to evaluate the target company pre- and post-transaction and is comprised of professionals from one of the largest accounting/consulting firms in the world.
Our professionals will view themselves as an extension of your team and keep in mind that your relationship with the target’s management will have to continue post-transaction. You can depend on us to customize a team that is accustomed to working in the target’s industry.

Plante Moran has deep experience in middle market companies, specializing in manufacturing, distribution, services, health care, real estate, and construction. The team will also have a range of expertise and a collaborative spirit, so that you will get the deep assessment and comprehensive analysis you need to mitigate risk, validate opportunities, and get the deal closed.

Plante Moran has the experience and expertise to serve private equity groups. Our services for private equity groups and their portfolio companies include:

  • Deal flow (P&M Corporate Finance)
  • Strategic planning, analysis, & evaluation
  • Transaction & tax structuring
  • Transaction support services
    • Financial, strategic, operational, organizational, tax compliance, & technology due diligence
    • Purchase price allocation
    • Tangible & intangible valuation
    • Closing/opening balance sheet audits
  • Employee benefit plan review
  • Transition period support
    • Interim financial support services
    • Information technology
    • Transition plans & implementation
  • Fund assurance & tax services
    • Operational monitoring & improvements
  • Portfolio company financial reporting
  • Portfolio company tax planning & compliance services
  • Portfolio company exits
    (P&M Corporate Finance)

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"Plante Moran’s transaction advisory services helped us identify and validate investment opportunities and define and mitigate potential risks, avoiding surprises post-closing. Their audit and tax teams tailor their approach and solutions to ensure our portfolio companies are implementing best-in-class financial reporting practices and proactive tax strategies to optimize after-tax cash flows.

Plante Moran’s “one-firm” firm approach is particularly useful for private equity groups like ourselves due to the access to the full resources of the firm, whether it be tax, audit, valuation, or various consulting needs. There’s always someone with the right expertise and experience to respond to our needs."

-Richard J. Harpster, Managing Director, Svoboda Capital Partners