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Financial Statement Audit
You can depend on our multidisciplinary team of specialists to help you build value in your portfolio companies during the holding period. They understand the need to quickly improve operations and establish unqualified audit statements and solid valuations with the goal of maximizing EBITDA.

Financial Statement Audits for Private Equity Groups

Experience our value-added, hassle-free approach to financial statement audits

Drawing on their experience working on audits for more than 200 portfolio companies, our team will come well prepared to work with your portfolio company. You can depend on our professionals to bring deep industry knowledge because they work with thousands of clients in the manufacturing, distribution, and health care industries - hundreds of clients in real estate, construction, and services.

Because of their industry experience, they won’t waste your valuable time with lots of general questions. However, they will take the time to understand your specific situation, and they always will be available to answer your questions and address your concerns. You can also depend on them to understand the concerns and issues of both the management running the business and your portfolio managers. You will appreciate their ability to serve as a sensitive liaison that can keep things moving ahead. 

You can trust us

You can depend on our team doing financial statement audits to be on top of new accounting and auditing pronouncements, guidelines, legislation, and regulatory issues. They review the internal controls and financial statements of your portfolio companies. You will receive objective, independent, and accurate information in a timely manner. Plus our financial statement audit team will provide added value by offering ideas to improve accounting procedures and internal controls, as well as maximize cash flow.

We work with you

Our private equity specialists can work with your companies throughout their portfolio life.

You can depend on them to: 

  • Deal flow (P&M Corporate Finance)
  • Strategic planning, analysis, & evaluation
  • Transaction & tax structuring
  • Transaction support services
    • Financial, strategic, operational, organizational, tax compliance, & technology due diligence
    • Purchase price allocation
    • Tangible & intangible valuation
    • Closing/opening balance sheet audits
  • Employee benefit plan review
  • Transition period support
    • Interim financial support services
    • Information technology
    • Transition plans & implementation
  • Fund assurance & tax services
    • Operational monitoring & improvements
  • Portfolio company financial reporting
  • Portfolio company tax planning & compliance services
  • Portfolio company exits
    (P&M Corporate Finance)

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Case Studies




"In working with Plante Moran for more than a decade and through multiple fund life cycles, we have found a valuable advisor who understands the challenges and opportunities within the private equity market. They provide deep industry expertise and have a successful track record combined with entrepreneurial enthusiasm and creativity. They are always thinking outside the box to help give our fund and our portfolio companies an edge on the competition. I would highly recommend Plante Moran."

-Elizabeth Burgess, Senior Partner, Altus Capital Partners