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Tax Planning & Compliance
Our tax specialists can assist with all forms of transactions, including asset or stock transactions and tax-free organizations. They can also assist with structuring any contingent purchase price, financing the transaction, multiple classes of ownership, and the retention of, or grant of, ownership interests.

Tax Planning for Private Equity Goups

A team approach to tax planning provides a timely, comprehensive analysis of targets

Private equity groups appreciate the team approach our tax services group has developed in response to their need for accurate and timely information to make decisions on acquisitions. The team includes specialists in the areas of federal, state, local, and international taxes. They work simultaneously and coordinate to provide a comprehensive analysis of a target, to structure the acquisition most advantageously.

Consistency in the team will ensure that items identified during due diligence are taken into account when structuring the transaction. It also helps to minimize the start-up time necessary to accurately report items that are unique to the acquisition and ensure that tax planning opportunities that were identified during the tax due diligence are implemented. Plante Moran is able to provide this level of consistency because of our high staff retention rate. 

Tax due diligence on which you can depend

Our tax specialists can provide two levels of tax due diligence — limited and confirmatory. With limited due diligence, they provide information such as the nature and amount of any tax attributes that can be helpful in deciding whether or not to pursue an acquisition or how to structure a letter of intent. Confirmatory tax due diligence is a more complete tax due diligence service that will help determine and quantify any tax exposures related to the target companies.

Always our tax consulting team will provide a written summary that outlines the work it completed to support a tax position.

Structuring tax savvy transactions

Our tax structuring specialists can assist with all forms of transactions, including asset or stock transactions and tax–free reorganizations. They also can assist with structuring any contingent purchase price, financing the transaction, multiple classes of ownership, and the retention of or grant of ownership interests. Our tax specialists can also be depended upon to review representations, warranties, and the indemnification provisions to minimize exposure for items identified during tax due diligence. If the strategy is to exit from investments, you can depend on them to handle disposition of stock or assets. 

Analyzing transaction costs

It is important to analyze the costs of a transaction so that the costs are properly characterized for tax purposes. This analysis often results in the accelerated deduction of costs, such as success based fees and loan costs, which would otherwise be capitalized and deducted over longer periods.

Plante Moran has the experience and expertise to serve private equity groups. Our services for private equity groups and their portfolio companies include:
  • Deal flow (P&M Corporate Finance)
  • Strategic planning, analysis, & evaluation
  • Transaction & tax structuring
  • Transaction support services
    • Financial, strategic, operational, organizational, tax compliance, & technology due diligence
    • Purchase price allocation
    • Tangible & intangible valuation
    • Closing/opening balance sheet audits
  • Employee benefit plan review
  • Transition period support
    • Interim financial support services
    • Information technology
    • Transition plans & implementation
  • Fund assurance & tax services
    • Operational monitoring & improvements
  • Portfolio company financial reporting
  • Portfolio company tax planning & compliance services
  • Portfolio company exits
    (P&M Corporate Finance)

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"Plante Moran’s transaction advisory services helped us identify and validate investment opportunities and define and mitigate potential risks, avoiding surprises post-closing. Their audit and tax teams tailor their approach and solutions to ensure our portfolio companies are implementing best-in-class financial reporting practices and proactive tax strategies to optimize after-tax cash flows.

Plante Moran’s “one-firm” firm approach is particularly useful for private equity groups like ourselves due to the access to the full resources of the firm, whether it be tax, audit, valuation, or various consulting needs. There’s always someone with the right expertise and experience to respond to our needs."

-Richard J. Harpster, Managing Director, Svoboda Capital Partners