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Organizational & Operations Reviews
We can benchmark your institute against other facilities to determine if resources are used effectively or conduct a care delivery analysis to lead to more efficient care management processes.

Organizational & Operations Reviews

Retirement Facility Planning

  • Benchmarking – The costs of operating a retirement facility typically represents a significant expense of the congregation. Particularly in times of constricting resources, benchmarking facility costs is an effective way to identify whether resources are being used in an economically efficient manner. Plante & Moran accounting outsourcing and financial services can help with facility cost management and benchmarking costs.
  • Care delivery analysis – We can conduct a review and develop programs that lead to more efficient care management processes, improved functional and medical outcomes, and reduced operating costs.


“Plante Moran has provided a variety of solutions for our issues over the years. Their staff has always been friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Their technical expertise, coupled with their knowledge of the inner workings of religious institutions, has been invaluable to our organization.”

Mike Gorman, Director of Finance and Administration
Archdiocese of Detroit, Detroit, MI