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Employee Benefits Consulting
Our employee benefit consultants can help you restructure your employee health benefits program and/or negotiate new contracts with benefits providers so you can provide health care that fits within your budget and aligns with your company's strategy.

Employee Benefits Consulting

Finding Opportunities to Trim Your Healthcare costs

Because of the current economic conditions, you are probably looking for cost-cutting opportunities. We suggest you look for savings by restructuring your employee benefits program and/or negotiating new contracts with benefits providers.

You don’t have to be afraid of losing your ability to attract and retain good employees. In case after case, finding the best-in-class employee benefits administrator has helped organizations cut their healthcare costs while maintaining and sometimes enhancing benefits. 

Strategies to control healthcare costs

Our employee benefit consultants will review your current healthcare benefits plans. We will create models to analyze the effects of changing various factors such as plan design, funding arrangement, vendor selection, and wellness strategies. We will help you develop employee benefits management techniques that will improve your cost management of the plans.

Our consultants can help you compare your plan designs and costs to market. For instance, after we did some benchmarking for an automotive supplier, we found that the company’s program was 150 percent of market because of an outdated plan design and no employee contributions.

We recommended a competitive plan design and employee contributions that reduced the employer’s cost of operating the plan by $250,000 in the first year. 

Employer saves $400,000 after benefits review

For another client, we were able to recommend changes yielding up to $400,000 in savings. During the renewal process for 2009, we helped the employer investigate self-insuring plans with BCBSM. By self-insuring and purchasing appropriate stop-loss insurance, the client expects to save $400,000 against the quoted 2009 fully-insured renewal, with additional savings expected in the next two years.

As well as cutting costs, we can help you implement creative techniques to prevent cost. We will help you provide your employees with behavioral and economic incentives to improve their health and reduce your healthcare costs.

Our employee benefit consultants can help you reduce your healthcare costs while maintaining and sometimes enhancing benefits.

“It was tough when we managers were going through the process of developing an ESOP and buying eight grocery stores from the owner. The Plante & Moran team made sure everyone was taken care of. And we continue to rely on them. They help us deal with day-to-day balance sheet issues as well as cost cutting and cash flow modeling. They seem to be always looking out for us and encourage us to look at the bigger picture. We appreciate how deeply they are committed to our success.”


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