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Tax Savings & Minimization
Our tax specialists can help you look at state and local tax issues including multistate income and franchise tax, sales and use tax, and property tax, as well as investigating possible tax credits and incentives to ensure you are taking full advantage of all available tax savings.

Tax Consulting

Plante Moran tax consulting experts can help you minimize taxes; increase cash flow

Tax minimization is a key advantage that many retailers do not leverage to its full potential. Through the implementation of effective tax minimization strategies, retailers can find opportunities to increase cash flow. 

Do you have hidden cash in your property?

Cost segregation can be a strategic tax saving tool for retailers, real estate developers, manufacturers, or any organization that has purchased, renovated, or constructed property in the last 15 years. 

Tax consulting strategies for retailers

At Plante Moran, our team of tax savings and minimization experts can help you look at state and local tax issues including multistate income and franchise tax, sales and use tax, and property tax. They will also investigate the possible opportunities for credits and incentives like historic preservation, energy saving improvements, and cost segregation to ensure that you are taking full advantage of all the available tax saving strategies. 

Tax savings & minimization - the Plante Moran difference

You will appreciate working with our team of tax consulting experts including CPAs, architects, engineers, and attorneys who can help you develop a comprehensive tax minimization strategy that can include everything from fixed asset management to cost segregation.

They stay on top of legislative, regulatory, and precedent-setting developments in tax to help you leverage every opportunity to save. They also have experience working with more than 400 retailers that range in size from one location to 100 locations and sell everything from groceries to building supplies. 

Retailer found opportunities for a $1.2 million tax deduction

When a retailer called in the Plante Moran tax consultants to review its fixed assets, we found a number of tax minimization opportunities. It quickly became clear that the company was not taking advantage of the rules that allow retailers to write off many assets over a shorter period of time than that required of other businesses. By electing to change the depreciation method, we found that the organization could accelerate large deductions.

Upon further review, we also noticed that the retailer had made expansive leasehold improvements which the company was depreciating over 39 years. With the help of Plante Moran engineers, we were able to carve out costs from the improvements that could be depreciated over the shorter life.

We looked at multiple locations, made an election to correct the past depreciation methods, and claimed a significant catch-up deduction on the company’s current tax return. The result was approximately $1.2 million in tax savings.

“It was tough when we managers were going through the process of developing an ESOP and buying eight grocery stores from the owner. The Plante & Moran team made sure everyone was taken care of. And we continue to rely on them. They help us deal with day-to-day balance sheet issues as well as cost cutting and cash flow modeling. They seem to be always looking out for us and encourage us to look at the bigger picture. We appreciate how deeply they are committed to our success.”


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