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Our CPAs, tax specialists, and consultants can help high-tech companies with complex issues like revenue recognition, accounting for stock options and warrants, and applying for research and development tax credits.  

Technology companies

Helping develop tech companies with complex, big business issues

The United States is looking to entrepreneurs and investors to spawn technology start-ups and stimulate growth to get the nation’s lagging economy back on track. But where can the innovators turn for help? Plante Moran professionals have experience with technology companies. They are aware that even when high-tech companies are in the development stage, they can experience a variety of complex, big business issues such as dealing with revenue recognition, accounting for stock options and warrants, and applying for research and development tax credits.

Navigating the transforming technology industry

Download our "Navigating the Technology Industry: Strategies to Drive your Bottom Line" guidebook which explores SI_TechbookCallout_193x193.jpgways your tech company can grow and evolve alongside the tren​ds and demands of the complex industry including:

  • Four considerations for Sound Financial Planning
  • Strategies to Compete Globally
  • Tax-Saving Opportunities
  • Winning the Talent War
  • Preparing for Exit

Accounting for stock options

If you’re like many technology companies, you use stock options to recruit and retain the talent you need to thrive. Current accounting standards require that all stock options granted to employees be accounted for using a fair value approach and recognizing the costs in the company’s income statement. Our accounting specialists understand the issues surrounding not only financial statements, but the tax implications as well. They can help you work through the complex accounting as well as the IRS 409A rules.

Revenue recognition

Another area of complexity is the rules governing revenue recognition, especially important to hi-tech companies. Because revenue can be the driving force behind many key management decisions, ensuring that revenue is accounted for properly is vital. Our accounting staff can help you through the complex standards, providing guidance on revenue recognition for multiple deliverable arrangements. More companies are becoming creative in packaging products and services together and need to understand how these arrangements are effected by the new revenue recognition standards. Our experienced audit staff can help you break down your issues to ensure that your financial statements are in compliance with these standards.

Complex issues with specialty needs

Hi-tech companies operate much differently than most other industries. Compensation is more creative, delivery of product and services can be much broader, workers and customers can be around the globe, and the life cycle of a company can be much shorter than non-tech companies. Because of this, the issues are more complex and the assistance you’ll need must be more specialized. You can depend on our multidisciplinary technology industry team to help with issues such as:

Technology Tax Services

Our firm knows that planning is the key to your taxes. Completing a tax return is simply scorekeeping – it’s the planning that makes the difference. Our tax planning and compliance professionals are proactive throughout the year to ensure we have properly planned in order to maximize your outcome.

Financial Statement Audit

When Plante Moran audits your organization’s financial statement, you benefit from our reputation for thoroughness and professionalism as well as our focus on client service. Our good reputation combined with our audit opinion helps assure your stakeholders, as well as tax authorities, banks, regulators, suppliers, customer, and employees that your financial statement fairly represents your company.

We began using Plante Moran’s IT Security Consultants on a SAS 70 project (now called SOC) shortly after we started our company. Their consultants gained our trust and we have used them on SOC projects each year since. We have expanded our relationship with Plante Moran over the years and have worked with them on various Network Security, Audit, & Tax projects as well. Plante Moran’s teams are professional and thorough and we enjoy working with them.

Matthias Horch Co-founder, Secure-24