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High-tech companies have unique tax opportunities. Our tax specialists have worked through most of them and can use their experience to help you explore the tax options that favor cash flow and meet your specific situation.


Our clients appreciate Plante Moran’s international tax planning expertise
Many technology companies will cross borders during their lifetime to conduct business. When the time comes for your company to do the same, you’ll want to make sure you have the right people working on your side to weave through the various treaty complexities to best structure your situation.

Many companies are working through issues such as transfer pricing requirements as well as completing other reporting requirements on an annual basis. Meeting these requirements is no small feat, nor are the consequences for non-compliance. Fines for some of these issues start at $10,000. Our tax experts can help you strategize to minimize your international liabilities.

Research and development tax credits reward innovation
High-tech companies are grounded in innovation. From drug developers to alternative fuel companies to software developers, companies are continually looking for ways to improve existing processes and products and to develop new ones. The question is: Are you getting the tax credits you deserve for your research and development activities?

To encourage ingenuity, the IRS grants federal tax credits based on research and development. The rules for these credits are complex, and maintaining proper documentation of these activities is key. Plante Moran has a dedicated team of experts that specialize in helping companies understand the qualifying activities and maximize research and development credits.

Tax credits are like money in the bank
Besides compliance, our tax consultants can help you with a full menu of tax planning services. You can depend on them to be aware of the latest in tax credits available on the state and federal level. For example, PM CRESA (Corporate Real Estate Service Advisors) regularly assists high-tech companies in obtaining a variety of available state and local incentives throughout the Midwest.

Our tax expertise is unparalleled
High-tech companies have a unique opportunity to elect certain tax methods that are favorable for cash flow. Our tax experts have worked through numerous situations to ensure the right methods are used. Another key concern in this industry relates to ownership changes. Many companies plan to use their net operating losses to offset future income; however, proper scrutiny is needed to ensure that past ownership changes (under code section 382) don’t limit the use of these losses.

Staying on top of these situations is critical to cash flow. We understand, and we get it right. Our years of experience in tax planning and compliance prepares us for a wide variety of challenges in multiple industries.

We began using Plante Moran’s IT Security Consultants on a SAS 70 project (now called SOC) shortly after we started our company. Their consultants gained our trust and we have used them on SOC projects each year since. We have expanded our relationship with Plante Moran over the years and have worked with them on various Network Security, Audit, & Tax projects as well. Plante Moran’s teams are professional and thorough and we enjoy working with them.

Matthias Horch Co-founder, Secure-24