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2013 saw major gains in INNOVATION. Nine out of 10 organizations are embracing change and creating a richer environment for incubating ideas.

Innovation Survey

Plante Moran’s report on its third annual innovation survey paints a very optimistic picture of things to come. Nine out of 10 business leaders see innovation as a key to sustainability and growth and they are implementing new or significantly different management techniques, organizational strategies and structures creating a richer environment for incubating improvements and hatching new ideas. 
According to the report, there is a proactive thread running through the business community signaling a new era of innovation focused on improving quality and increasing flexibility and capacity. Losing ground as innovation drivers are the economy, corporate finances, and the need to replace old products.

4,225 share best practices.

Five organizations collaborated with Plante Moran on its 2013 Innovation Survey. They were the National Center for the Middle Market; The TEC Institute, Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University; Detroit CBS Radio/Technology Report; World Industrial Reporter; and NewNorth Center for Design in Business.
All of the partners had current data or anecdotal evidence on innovation. The resulting collaboration meant that Plante Moran and its partners were able to see trends more clearly and dive more deeply into a wide range of individual success stories. Plante Moran’s innovation team thanks its collaborators and the 4,225 survey respondents who added to its body of knowledge.