Plante Moran’s Outlooks bring focus to what’s new and what’s next.
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Plante Moran’s Outlooks focus on industry trends with insight and foresight. Each report examines data relevant to the industry and presents thoughtful insights from leaders in each field. Take a closer look and put the coming months into perspective.

Plante Moran’s Outlooks bring focus

What’s awaiting you this year?

Our Outlooks analyze the trends impacting companies and institutions by category. We partnered with leaders in each field to seek their expert advice on how   to put the coming months into perspective. Using our own data and data from other sources, we paint a picture of the future and offer targeted suggestions on how to move forward.

It is pretty certain that there’s no longer a threat of a double dip recession. But because the United States is a major player in the international marketplace, there are infinite variables.

Our experts put those variables into perspective as they developed outlooks for both the public and private sectors. And despite the uncertainties, they found certainties.

Plante Moran is known for its practical solutions and hands-on support. In that spirit, our Outlooks include the eloquent voices of experts we work with day after day. Our thanks to them for their contributions. We hope you find the Outlooks valuable as you implement your business plans.