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Take charge of your organization’s future

plantemoran webinars The “war for talent” is back from its forced sabbatical. As the economy continues to strengthen, staff attraction, retention, growth, and planning for the long-term viability of organizations will become increasingly popular topics.
This webinar will focus on how to create alignment, communicate direction and expectations, and assist staff in developing their
skills to help their organizations grow and be prepared for the opportunity ahead.
At the conclusion of this training, participants will:
  • Learn the 10-step process for sustainability
  • Identify ways to develop leaders
  • Recognize how vision and culture can be used to create alignment
  • Know how to find the right talent for their vision
Presenters | Bill Hermann, Plante Moran former managing partner and noted author on business topics, and Jason Widman, a member of the services industry practice team.


Date: Oct 16, 2012

Time: 2:00PM - 3:00PM

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