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IAF and Optimal ICF/MR Medicaid Reimbursement

plantemoran webinarsThis webinar will focus on review of the documentation regulations and the "workings" of the DD classification system. In addition, we will identify the specific items on the form that are often inaccurately coded. The participants will be exposed to the nuances of accurately and fully capturing the amount of assistance and oversight needs of the developmentally disabled population.


  • Identify regulations regarding documentation and completion of the IAF.
  • Delineate the Resident Assessment Classification system and how reimbursement works based on the results from the IAF.
  • Review accurate coding of the IAF focusing on the most frequently found items of under-coding.

Presenter: Alicia Richey, RNC, Plante & Moran Clinical Group Management Consultant


Date: Feb 23, 2010

Time: 2:00PM EDT - 3:00PM EDT