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Enterprise Risk Services
Accustomed to working in nearly every corner of the world, serving nearly every industry group, and respected by external audits, clients depend on us for information to better manage their businesses and organizations.

Enterprise Risk Services (ERS)

Navigating complex risk issues

Plante Moran’s enterprise risk services (ERS) and financial support services (FSS) groups help organizations build value by delivering a risk intelligent approach to managing financial, technology, and business risks. Our approach will help you increase business value by identifying areas of risk, and will bridge silos to effectively manage risk across organizational boundaries. By pursuing intelligent risk, you will be able to make better decisions, which enables you to create business value, and in turn improves your business performance.


Have you experienced considerable growth and do you need help with new compliance requirements?

Situation: Your organization has grown and you have reached historical highs in market value. Suddenly you find you are now subject to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) requirements, what now? We have the experience and depth to help organizations understand and prepare for new compliance requirements. Our services focus on governance risk and compliance, and the necessary controls and policies to ensure you are prepared to meet all requirements from year one and on.

Are you short-staffed and struggling to meet compliance deadlines?

Situation: You have doubled or tripled in size through acquisition, but your staff count hasn’t increased in proportion. Have you found yourself without the right personnel to meet financial and compliance requirements? We have the experience to help augment existing personnel to ensure all your financial, compliance, and internal audit needs are met. From transitional assistance, to CFO services and financial staffing we will help your business stays on track.

Do you understand the risks to your business?

Situation: Do you understand how inherent risk to your organization effects your operation?Understanding risk in your organization will enable you to make better business decisions to meet your strategic objectives. We help in developing your risk profile and mitigation and monitoring strategies.

Is your business vulnerable to a cyberattack?

Situation: There is no business beyond the reach of hackers, are you prepared?We will assess your network vulnerability and suggest a practical plan to meet your business goals. We will also ensure you have processes and controls in place for the ever-evolving security challenges your business will face.

Are you looking for growth capital? Will your controls put you at risk with an investor?

Situation: Do you plan on moving from a closely held private company to a company with outside investors?We will create a plan to help you move forward with confidence. We will perform assessments to identify gaps in your internal controls and will suggest remediation strategies, enabling you to have investor discussions with confidence.
Benefits Overview
Our interdependent services will help you achieve key business objectives surrounding compliance, performance and controls, accountability, and financial transformation.

These interdependencies are important for knowledge sharing and collaboration, allowing us to bring a holistic service approach to your organization. With interconnected service teams, we can efficiently share best practices, resources, and knowledge. This results in a comprehensive service approach tailored to your specific needs and issues.

Our four interdependent focus areas are:
  • Governance risk & compliance
  • Business controls & policies
  • Finance & accounting
  • On-demand talent


Plante Moran has served as auditors, tax advisors and more for FEV North America, Inc. ("FEV") for many years. The service level has been exemplary and the demonstrated expertise over a wide range of business topics has been impressive. While maintaining the requisite independence in judgment and action, Plante Moran has been a trusted partner in helping FEV find answers to its financial reporting, tax, and business issues. The entire staff at Plante Moran have excellent technical skills and, even more important, are focused on client service.

Richard Appleman, Executive Vice President and CFO
FEV North America Inc