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Intellectual Property Disputes

Knowing what matters when valuing intellectual property disputes

In intellectual property matters, including patent, copyright, trademark, trade dress, and trade secret claims, the appropriate measure and amount of monetary recovery depends on the particular facts and circumstances of each case. Plante Moran’s forensic accounting and business valuation services team has extensive experience applying intellectual property valuation methodologies accepted by federal and state courts to identify the appropriate measure of damage, and quantify the amount of lost profits, reasonable royalties, and/or disgorgement. Our experience in intellectual property protection and disputes includes conducting the following types of analyses, among others: 

  • Consumer demand 
  • Manufacturing and distribution capacity 
  • Reconstruct hypothetical markets 
  • Non-infringing alternative technology 
  • Price erosion and elasticity of demand 
  • Infringing unit sales and sales revenue 
  • Lost convoyed/collateral sales 
  • Incremental manufacturing costs 
  • Incremental selling, general and administrative expenses 
  • Cost of capital 
  • Prejudgment interest 
  • Established royalties 
  • Reasonable royalty 
  • Infringing unit sales and sales revenue 
  • Infringer’s cost savings 
  • Commercial success 
  • Long felt need 
  • Disgorgement


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