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Securities Cases

Providing expertise in securities cases

Plante Moran’s forensic accounting and valuation services professionals have worked with clients and counsel in investigating fact, developing analyses, and presenting findings on numerous matters involving alleged violations of the U.S. Securities laws. Our work in securities litigation has been on behalf of shareholder committees, government agencies, large brokerage firms, brokers/dealers, and individuals, and is often related to other types of actions such as accounting malpractice claims and bankruptcy matters. Plante Moran’s experience in the preparation and review of economic damage claims related to securities litigation has encompassed: 1) documenting complex financial transactions, 2) investigating claims of fraud and negligent misrepresentation, 3) evaluating commodities contracts, and 4) determining the value of various assets and privately held companies.

Plante Moran’s forensic accounting and valuation services professionals have provided the following types of analyses in connection with securities litigation. 

  • Asset allocation assessments
  • Calculation of economic loss
  • Cash receipts and disbursement analyses 
  • Cash flow modeling 
  • Determining return on equity and return on assets 
  • Evaluating the propriety of financial statement reporting 
  • Reconstructing of security trading activity 
  • Evaluating trends 
  • Evaluating internal accounting data 
  • Determining fair market value for thinly traded stock 
  • Determining cost of capital 
  • Discovery assistance

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