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Business Advisory Services
Change is the only constant you can depend on in business, so the way you handle it is important. Our business advisors are particularly adept at helping you make good decisions during times of change.

Business Advisory Services

Business advisors to help make decisions during times of change

Change is the only constant you can depend on in business, so the way you handle it is important. Our business advisors are particularly adept at helping you make good decisions during times of change.

Our business advisory consultants can help when you need a business valuation or a fraud investigation. When making decisions about changes in structure like mergers and acquisitions, you can depend on their quick, yet thorough, approach to the due diligence process to provide you with complete and accurate information.

Our business advisors have a proven due diligence process that can include information on operations, finances, human resource effectiveness, information technology, legacy programs, you name it. If you need information on a topic to facilitate your decision-making process, our due diligence specialists will collect the data and help you assess what it means to you. 

Full-service business advisors

We have corporate finance specialists on our team of business advisors. They keep proprietary databases on transactions within industries. This allows them to provide you with detailed analysis of transactions giving new dimensions to your decision-making process.

You will appreciate that our breadth of expertise includes certified business valuation specialists. When you are seeking an answer to: “What’s it all worth?” you can depend on our valuation team for a comprehensive answer. You can depend on them to go beyond financial statements and tax returns to look at operations and understand the nature of the business.

They will consider all relevant valuation approaches, which may include an asset approach, income approach, and/or market approach. 

Location. Location. Location.

Because real estate is a major factor for many of our clients, our business advisory services include an experienced team of real estate advisors who can help you determine if you are in the right location to maximize your exposure and benchmark your real estate expenditures to make sure you are leveraging your position in the real estate market. 

Protecting against fraudsters

Economic cycles bring different sets of opportunities and challenges. When the real estate market is soft, you can be in the driver’s seat when it comes to renegotiating your lease. But at the same time, you have to be more vigilant about fraudulent behavior among your staff members.

A soft economy means they may feel pressured to make your organization look healthier than it is, or perhaps they are facing personal financial shortfalls. In times like these, you need to make sure you have the right controls. Our forensic accounting specialists can help ensure you have a good system in place and when necessary they can conduct investigations to uncover criminal activity.

Whether your period of change includes a real estate decision or merger and acquisition activity, our business advisors will come prepared, not only providing experienced business advisory services but also displaying a comprehensive knowledge of your industry and the special skills to help you assess the situation and develop a plan of action to help you thrive.

Business Insurance Claims

You will appreciate the experience and expertise that our insurance claims professionals bring to your business insurance matter. Plante Moran’s forensic accounting and valuation services professionals help to solve insurance claims disputes by working with policyholders, their counsel, and insurance companies. Our insurance claims professionals provide financial, accounting, economic and/or statistical analyses services and have experience analyzing first-party insurance claims for property losses and business interruption claims that arise from a variety of circumstances including: natural disasters, fires, and product liability issues

Due Diligence

The due diligence professionals at Plante Moran offer an agile due diligence process that is flexible and scalable to the specific demands of each transaction.

Forensic Accounting

Plante Moran’s forensic accounting team will bring accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to help you uncover fraud and preserve evidence. You will appreciate that we look beyond the numbers and deal with the business reality of the situation.

Investment Banking

P&M Corporate Finance (PMCF), an affiliate of Plante & Moran, provides merger and acquisition services to companies in North America and Europe.

Litigation & Economic Damages

Plante Moran’s forensic accounting and valuation services group has provided economic damages analyses in thousands of engagements. Our team is comprised of over 30 professionals who assist counsel and clients with the accounting, financial, economic, and statistical aspects of commercial litigation, valuation, and forensic investigations.

Valuation Services

When you need to determine the value of a business, or receive tangible asset or intangible asset valuations, the valuation services professionals at Plante Moran have the experience to determine: What’s it all worth?