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Financial Reporting / Intangible Assets

Valuation services to meet your financial reporting requirements

The recent shift in philosophy both domestically and internationally towards financial reporting systems based in large part on the concept of ‘fair value’ (as opposed to historical cost) has led to a proliferation in the number and frequency of fair value measurements required to remain compliant. Domestic and international governing bodies such as the SEC, the FASB, and the IASB have issued a myriad of accounting standards addressing the treatment and valuation of intangible and tangible assets, financial instruments, amongst others. Ensuring compliance is a challenge for many companies, and often requires the expertise offered by seasoned valuation professionals.

Plante Moran’s Forensic and Valuation Services team consists of highly qualified professionals who negotiate this rapidly shifting framework of standards on a dedicated basis. Our intangible asset valuation and other financial reporting work-products have been audited and approved by all four members of the Big Four. We have presented our opinions and interpretations of the various standards in front of sophisticated audiences and at advanced training seminars. We serve clients ranging from small, privately held enterprises to publicly traded companies with several billion in annual revenue. The valuation of intangible assets and financial reporting is quickly becoming a discipline in and of itself; one which requires a sharp focus.

Plante Moran provides valuation services to satisfy all of the following financial reporting requirements, amongst others: 

  • Business Combinations (SFAS 141R/ASC 805, IAS 38, and IFRS 3) 
  • Goodwill and Indefinite-Lived Intangible Asset Impairment Testing (SFAS 142/ASC 350 and IAS 36) 
  • Long-Lived Asset Impairment Testing (SFAS 144/ASC 350 & 360 and IAS 36) 
  • Stock Options and Share-Based Payments (SFAS 123R/ASC 718)   
  • Fair Value Option for Financial Assets and Liabilities (SFAS 159/ASC 825) 
  • Fair Value Measurements (SFAS 157/ASC 820) 
  • Fresh Start Accounting (SOP 90-7/ASC 852)
  • Private Equity Valuation Services (SFAS 157/ASC 820 and SFAS 159/ASC 825)